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 2k Ynnari (Drukhari/Eldar/Corsair)

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2k Ynnari (Drukhari/Eldar/Corsair) Empty
PostSubject: 2k Ynnari (Drukhari/Eldar/Corsair)   2k Ynnari (Drukhari/Eldar/Corsair) I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 19 2017, 20:46

This is a 2k list that I have been working on. I have only played pure Drukhari in 8th ed, but I am branching out a little. I love corsairs and Shadow Specters so thought I would give them a try as well.

Test list


10 corsair skyreavers w/ Shardcarbines, Brace of Pistols.

2x5 kabalites warriors

2x5 shadow specters

2x ravagers w/ 3 lances

Hemlock Wraithfighter
2xRazorwing jetfighters w/ lances

2x Raiders w/ lances


I have a few points left for whatever.

The extra HQs are more support characters.
The seer buffs units killing potentials, the warlock keeps the specters safe with conceal and the Yncarne is a harassment character that can get some solid work done in combat and provides good psychic support.

Normally I would run the corsairs in 2x5 man units, but I decided to give a larger 10man a try.
I am trying 10 because the SfD will have a larger impact on this unit than most in the army. Word of the Phoenix will help with that.
The pistols are situational, but great. I roll 1d6 when I shoot. This is the number of shots each model gets make with their pistols. So a roll of a 5 or 6 will give my 10man unit 50-60 poision 4+ and -1ap on 6s to wound for the unit. Word of the Phoenix giving the unit some rerolls to hit and Doom to reroll wounds can have this unit really kill what it wants. If i do not need the pistols than the unit shooting their Shardcarbines can do a good bit of damage when needed. SfD allowing the unit to act again is always nice.
The skyreavers have a 16" move so they can get into pistol range when needed.

The Kabalite Warriors on the there to help trigger SfD, operation mini shield wall, objective grab, etc

Shadow specters have been really good so far. Their guns work better on the field than they do on paper. Especially with guide. Both units of specters are easily killing 10 Marines. The heavy flamer shot on thr specters is not to be over looked. With a 12"+advance these guys can get those st5 -1ap flamers where needed. Psychic support really helps them as well. Especially with conceal. With the specters -1 to be hit from enemies and conceal adding another modifier to make the enemies hit with a -2. These guys aren't likely to die via enemy shooting that often.

The Ravagers and flyers hit first and hit hard. Not much to say about these guys. They all kick ass

There are two things that I love. Kicking ass and chewing bubble gum... And I'm allllll out of bubble gum!
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2k Ynnari (Drukhari/Eldar/Corsair)
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