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 Insufficient firepower?

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PostSubject: Re: Insufficient firepower?   Insufficient firepower? - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 17 2017, 23:07

@Archon_91 wrote:
Well then that basically puts the succubus and chaos Lord on the same level :/ any weapon we use on the succubus would decrease that armor past 4+ so they would use the 4++ anyway ... Which the succubus has also but what the chaos Lord doesn't have (without being Nurgle but then they wouldn't be slanneshi so unable to do this) is a 6+++ that affects all damage done to the succubus so slightly more survivable (if only just) and either way (cause I'm sure the lords weapons give him a str bonus) we will be wounding each other on a 3+ cause Archglaive +2 str so honestly I would argue that taking the +1 attack drug would be better then the tough drug (depending on the Strength bonus on the lords weapons, if it's x(str) then it wouldn't matter what our toughness is as they would always be double our toughness) they have the same aura ability of reroll hit rolls of a 1 and as such are pretty even without support what so ever ... I would even dare say that because of the 6+++ the succubus is slightly better ... Then given the toughness drug the succubus is even better cause without any + to the lords str they wound on 4+ and the succubus wounds on a 3+

World Eaters lord with Dual Chainsword (74 points) vs Succubus with Glaive (82 points)

Lord has 4 attacks base, +1 warlord, +2 Chainswords, +1 charge. 8 attacks on the charge. S 4, T 4, (cannot remember if 5 or 6 wounds but I think 6). Hits on 2+ rerolls 1's.

Succubus. 4 base. +1 Warlord. 5 attacks, S 5 T 4, 5 wounds. Hits on 3+ rerolls 1's.

I would say that even without spending command points the Lord is going to win that fight. If you factor in his much larger arsenal, access to relics, and better support options (Exulted champion nearby for rerolled wounds, for example) the fight isn't even close to fair.

This is a baseline lord using only free weapon options. Give him the Axe of Blind Fury or the Murdersword and this fight quickly becomes so lopsided it's not funny, while still being cheaper than the succubus.

Hell, make him Alpha Legion and give him the Hydra Blade. Succubus is ultra dead!

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Insufficient firepower?
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