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 Kabal and Cult 2000 point TAC

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PostSubject: Kabal and Cult 2000 point TAC   Kabal and Cult 2000 point TAC I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 10 2017, 15:06

Posted this list in the competitive 40k subreddit and got an overall very positive response. Thought I'd throw it up here and see what the Dark city thought of it!

Batallion- Drukhari
- Phantasm grenade launcher
Total: 76

-Blast pistol
Total: 82

5 Kabalites
-Dark lance
Total: 172

X2 5 Kabalites
Total: 274

8 Wyches
-Power Sword
-Hydra Gauntlet
-Blast pistol
-Dark lance

10 Wyches
-x3 Hydra Gauntlets
-Blast pistol
-Dark lance
Total: 231

5 Incubi
Total : 170

Heavy Support
X2 Ravager
-Triple dark lance
Total: 310

Flier wing - Drukhari
Voidraven Bomber
-Dark Scythe
Total: 169

X2 Razorwing
-Dark lance
Tota: 310

Combat Drugs:
8 wyches + 1 strength
10 wyches + 1 attack
Sucubus +1 Toughness

Grand total: 2000 pts
Total CP: 7
Total drops: 11

In games against MEQ the plan is to reverse the buffs given to the Succubus and 10 man Wyche unit as I only really want the Wyches for hold up play against marines as their damage output will be fairly low regardless (I believe, haven't run the math tbh).

A few questions:
What warlord trait would you pick for the Archon? Would you take the Archon as the warlord?

Is +1 toughness the best pick for the Succubus given the other drugs I'm using? How do you feel about +2 movement for character assassination?

Are PGL worth it on the Wyches? If they're going to be in combat and firing their pistols before the charge my thought is no, but I don't really have much to do with those 6 points. One option would be to drop the Agonisers in the venom sqauds and the PGLs for 2 extra Kabalites in the Archon Raider, but I'm undecided.

As always C&C is greatly appreciated.
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Duke Daedric
Duke Daedric

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PostSubject: Re: Kabal and Cult 2000 point TAC   Kabal and Cult 2000 point TAC I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 12 2017, 10:49

Drop the agonizer on kabalites, they won't get to use it much and I'd drop PGLs on wytch units; for the extra ponints maximize wytches than warriors.

+2 mov is nice on succubus especially if she is your warlord with +1 att on charge or 6+ wound resilience.

If you choose Archon for your warlord than take 6+ resilience.
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Kabal and Cult 2000 point TAC
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