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 Wulfen conversion (contains some DE :D)

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Wulfen conversion (contains some DE :D) Empty
PostSubject: Wulfen conversion (contains some DE :D)   Wulfen conversion (contains some DE :D) I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 07 2017, 14:09

Hi there !

Couldn't work much on my paintings due to intensive work and side projects.
One of the project is a conversion for a friend of mine, wich is a mini-diorama containing a wulfen and a dark eldar (she plays Space wolves).
Intended to be offered for her birthday gift  santa

As I haven't posted in a while, I wanted to share this with you guys.
The model is only black basecoated, I wanted to let her the sheer joy of painting it ; I might add some pictures when she'll have it finished.
(Please occult kabalite warriors in the back, they are still WIP bounce )

Wulfen conversion (contains some DE :D) Wulfen10
Wulfen conversion (contains some DE :D) Wulfen11
Wulfen conversion (contains some DE :D) Wulfen13
Wulfen conversion (contains some DE :D) Wulfen15
Wulfen conversion (contains some DE :D) Wulfen12
Wulfen conversion (contains some DE :D) Wulfen14
Wulfen conversion (contains some DE :D) Wulfen16

I have used a kabalite from the raider kit, as well as some spare parts.
Transparent effect has been made with antigrav support cutted into bits (It's all blurry due to superglue, I guess she'll repaint it, or at least glazed it).

I wanted an aerial effect, so the rifle isn't fixed to the miniature body, but is pinned next to the kabalite right hand.
I also extended the ribbons attached to the belt to increse the movement perception (picture n°4).
I wanted to add some hair flying backwards too, but I suck hard with green stuff, and also an amulet, but couldn't find one that pleased me (and I was kinda in a hurry as the date was approching)
Note : Gore detail, the kabalite left hand is cut and still attached to the rifle Razz

Took ~15 hours all around.

Anywayyyyyyy, hope you'll enjoy Twisted Evil

Frenchie, long time painter, trying to get in the 8th edition study, still converting & painting hordes of dark eldars  Twisted Evil
Project log

Wulfen conversion (contains some DE :D) 19121d10 Dark eldars ~4k points / Wulfen conversion (contains some DE :D) 4eef2c10 Battle sisters ~2k points
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Wulfen conversion (contains some DE :D)
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