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 1650 Kabal

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Count de Money
Count de Money

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PostSubject: 1650 Kabal   1650 Kabal I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 02 2017, 02:12

So I decided that I wanted to see how many lances I could spam and still have reasonably balanced shooting.

Archon, blaster, agoniser
venom, splinter cannon

2x 5 trueborn, 3 blaster, 2 dl
venom, splinter cannon

2x 10 warriors, blaster, dl
raider, shock prow

6 scourges, 4 dl, blast pistol

5x ravager, shock prow

1650 pts

27 dl shots, 9 blasters, 16 splinter rifles, and 6 splinter cannons.  I can tweak it so I have fewer dark light shots and more splinter fire but so far this seems to me like the best balance of splinter fire and lance spam.
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Beating A Different Drummer

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PostSubject: Re: 1650 Kabal   1650 Kabal I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 03 2017, 10:19

geez. thats a lot. Good jerb

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1650 Kabal
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