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 White & red color scheme : painting recipies

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White & red color scheme : painting recipies Empty
PostSubject: White & red color scheme : painting recipies   White & red color scheme : painting recipies I_icon_minitimeTue 25 Jul 2017, 16:23

Hi there,

As a response for @Darkin, here are the main color scheme I currently use for my white & red (and touches of blue) "white dark eldars".

White & red color scheme : painting recipies Kabali18
White & red color scheme : painting recipies Wyche-10


  • I dilute a lot my paint in order to not clog the details, usually about 1/4 water.
  • Wait for every layer to completly dry before applying the next one (especially for 2 thin coats ; works with batch of 5 or 10 models)

Here are the main colors :

White : Main colors / Celestra grey, "nuln oil", ulthuan grey, white scar.

This recipy has really evolved around the year (at first i was going for 8-10 layers of white scar + lahmia for extra bright finish *-*) but this is how I work the paint now (lining is more effective from tabletop)

  1. Chaos black undercoat (ik, ik, I just really don't like white undercoat)
  2. (abaddon black to neat it up, optionnal but gives deeper shadows IMO)
  3. Celestra grey, 2 thin layers (diluted with ~1/3 water).
  4. Prince august black shade (equivalent of GW nuln oil, but don't tend to leave white marks, i guess vallejo would be fine too). When dry if the shadow isn't defined enough, I tend to deepen it with abaddon black (diluted 1/3 lahmia) & artificial layer
  5. Ulthuan grey, 2 thin layers (working on gradient with the 2nd layer, smoother transition)
  6. White scar lining, 2 thin layers (2nd on most edgy stuff)

At first I didn't used ulthuan as i wanted a warmer white (and ulthuan tends to be a litlle blue/cold), if you want a warmer white (to add a contrast with a cold color for example), replace ulthuan with pallid wyche flesh. replace with bleached bone for a sightly more 'used' white.

Red : Main colors / Mephiston red, "nuln oil", evil sunz scarlet

  1. Undercoat chaos black, abaddon black
  2. 1 thin layer of khorne red (optionnal)
  3. 1 thin layer of mephiston red (2 if you didn't khorne red)
  4. "nuln oil", recess shade
  5. edges with evil sunz scarlet
  6. Edgy edges with wild rider red (for extra lighting, for special character or sergeants for example)

Blue : Main colors / Sotek green, Drakenhoff nightshade, Temple guard blue
Same stuff as red, lothern blue for extra hightlights

Black : Ab' black, highlitghs with dark reapers, extra highlitghs with eshin grey

Make extra small highlights on black, i usually tends to make them normal and then thin them 1/2 with ab' black.

Use incubi darness for flat exposed surface (mostly used on vehicules, 1 layer ab' black, 1 layer half ab' half incubi, 1 layer mostly incubi ; all diluted with lahmia ~1/2). Also works on leathers with direct zenithal lights.

Skin : Main colors / Rakarth flesh, Druchii violet, Pallid wyches flesh.

  1. Base coat Half rakarth flesh, half stormvermin fur (with 1/10 lahmia to help mix), 2 thin coats
  2. Pallid wych flesh, 2 thin coats (First coat will appear really contrasting, but don't worry)
  3. Shade with druchii violet, mixed with 1/4 lahmia. BE SURE TO PUT ONLY ONE COAT, don't touch it until it's completely dry. Don't even think about it.
  4. Layer with pallid wych flesh, with half lahmia
  5. Highlights with pure Palliw wych flesh
  6. Extra highlitghts with white scar, 1/2 lahmia (be really carefull with those, recommended for characters only)

Hint : for haemonculi/wracks, go for a full stormvermin fur base, and mix druchii violet with green ink.

Metals : silver > classic stuff
Copper > classic stuff, with a mephiston red base coat, fr a richer goldy effect.

Ask me if you want other recipies / more details.

If you want more illustration tell me, I'm currently working on publishing pictures on my website (over 150 left >.>, ~2.5k points painted), tell me if you have preferences over the next to be published.
Kabalite & wyches available has beta showcase right now (link in signature).

Edit : Added pictures & skin recipy

Frenchie, long time painter, trying to get in the 8th edition study, still converting & painting hordes of dark eldars  Twisted Evil
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White & red color scheme : painting recipies
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