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 New to the game / Starter army

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New to the game / Starter army Empty
PostSubject: New to the game / Starter army   New to the game / Starter army I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 18 2017, 17:28

Hey guys, first of all this is my very first post on the forum and it's my first ever army btw

I came to ask you guys for help to build my Start Collecting Dark Eldar set. I have pretty much all built up but IDK which weapons should I put to my units, which one suit better, etc.  Question

If you don't know exactly what comes inside the starter box I'll tell you right now:

x1 Archon
x10 Kabalite Warriors
x3 Reaver jetbikes
x1 Raider

I need help to build a 500pts army too for my first local encounter, is it possible ?
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New to the game / Starter army Empty
PostSubject: Re: New to the game / Starter army   New to the game / Starter army I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 18 2017, 23:22

At best I could get 449 points giving everything the most expensive upgrades I could think of but the gist of it would be the kabs get a splinter Cannon and a blaster, the syberite in the kabalites unit gets an agonizer, Phantasm grenade launcher and a blast pistol, the reavers get a heat lance and grab talons, the arena champion in the reavers gets and agonizer, the raider gets a Disintegrator cannon and shock prow and the Archon gets a husk blade, Phantasm grenade launcher, and a blast pistol. The Archon will be on foot and your kabalites will wanna be at about the 12 inch range for Rapid Fire, the reavers will take whatever drug you want them to take. But really try all the weapon profiles and find what you like to use, I was just trying to make it as close to 500 points as possible, if you want to get to 500 you will have to add at least a small unit of something
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New to the game / Starter army
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