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 2000 point 8th edition Kabal of the Blood Shedders

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2000 point 8th edition Kabal of the Blood Shedders Empty
PostSubject: 2000 point 8th edition Kabal of the Blood Shedders   2000 point 8th edition Kabal of the Blood Shedders I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 11 2017, 17:38

Greetings all, i've had 3 games with my DE using the power point method. two at 50 power and one at 100. The 100 point one was against tyranids and one of the 50 point ones was against guard spam. I have since taken lessons learned and made this list for match point games.

Battalion detachment


Archon Valcron Dex'tra - blast pistol, huskblade

Succubus - archite glaive, blast pistol

9 kabalites - blaster

raider - dark lance

9 wyches - agoniser, razorflail

raider - dark lance

2x 5 kabalites - blaster

2x venom - 2x splinter cannon

2x ravager - 3x dark lance

5 scourges - 4x splinter cannon

9 mandrakes

5 hellions

air wing detachment

3x razorwing - 2x dark lance, splinter cannon

I haven't tried the hellions or the mandrakes yet in 8th but the rest gives me lots of mobile anti infantry firepower as well as the ability to place my dark light shots anywhere I please. the wyches are a counter unit and the archon's kabalites provides extra firepower with the option to charge or grab objectives if necessary. and i like blast pistols, it's so funny when my archon is locked in combat, it gets to my shooting phase and he just blasts them in the face. my succubus killed a chimera on her own with her glaive and blast pistol ^^

Archon Valcron Dextrous - Kabal of the Blood Shedders
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2000 point 8th edition Kabal of the Blood Shedders
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