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 Alpha Strike Ynnari

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PostSubject: Alpha Strike Ynnari   Alpha Strike Ynnari I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 08 2017, 18:15

So I saw a post earlier about whether Dark Eldar can alpha strike or not since we have realtively low points. By this point everyone knows that going first or second is much less randomly determined.

So we want an alpha strike though I do believe we can make a strong beta strike list.
So the first step is to minimize drops and maximize shooting. So here is my list to do that.

Outrider Detachment 1 Ynnari

Warlock Witchblade

Fast Attack
x5 Scourges, x4 Dark Lances

x5 Scourges, x4 Dark Lances

x5 Scourges, x4 Dark Lances

Heavy Support

Outrider Detachment 2 Ynnari

Farseer Witchblade

Fast Attack
x10 Scourges, x4 Splinter Cannons (could sub for blasters your pick)

x10 Scourges, x4 Splinter Cannons (could sub for blasters your pick)

x3 Razorwing Flocks

Heavy Support
x9 Dark Reapers Reaper Launchers
x1 Exarch with Aeldari Missle Launcher

Dedicated Transport
Wave Serpent Twin Shuriken Cannon, Shuriken Cannon

Its not very durable but its offensive. You put Yvraine and the dark lance scourges in the tantalus, the reapers, farseer and warlock in the serpent. Then you only have 5 drops which is quite competitive short of 4 Imperial Knights.

The wave serpent is there to protect the dark reapers until you are confident to bring them out, though generally I imagine first turn, just disembark them into cover. Give them conceal, guide and either doom or fortune. Then Yvraine can give them word of the phoenix and cast ynnead's blessing on the tantalus.

I know scourges vs ravager is a choice more favoring the ravager but it works to decrease your drops and the tantalus is big enough to get LOS from some part of it without moving. Then its like you have 4 ravagers in it. Then just deepstrike two units of scourges when you need them. If the reapers get beat up, use word of the pheonix on the scourges for 84 poison shots.

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Alpha Strike Ynnari
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