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 2k list Aeldari

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: 2k list Aeldari   2k list Aeldari I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 08 2017, 08:43

Been working on a list since i saw the stats and how 8th ed. played. anyway i welcome all advice. i have yet to win a game of 8th ed. so i am by no means an expert and some of these things i don't own yet but would like to stand a chance when i play against super competitive lists. so here is another idea. the goal is to put the farseer, warlock and the wraithgurad in the wave serpent bubble rap the beastmaster.

farseer - doom, fortune
warlock - concel/reveal

5 x wraithguard d-scythe

wave serpant dual cannons vectored engines

3x (3 x (5x k-warriors w/ blaster) 2 squads in each raider w/ darklance, shock prow)

beastmast w/ agoniser
3x (10x razorwing flocks)
6x clawed fiends

Ravager 3x disies, shock prow

razorwing jetfighter

thank you for your help. i need it
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Kabalite Warrior

Posts : 215
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2k list Aeldari Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2k list Aeldari   2k list Aeldari I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 09 2017, 08:30

so i changed my list again. to a double battalion starting me with 9 command points instead of 6.
Im gonna lay it out in how it functions rather than the double battalion cause stuff is kinda all over the place.

Hq x2 Troops x2 - 574 pts
2x (Troupe master w/ carress, 5 x Troupe players w/ Caress, inside Starweaver)

Flyer - 175 pts
razorwing Jet Fighter w/ dissies and twin rifle

Troops x2 - 216 pts
2x (5x kabilite Warriors 1 w/ Blaster) Inside a Raider w/ DL shock Prow

troops x3 - 507 pts
2x (5x kabilite Warriors 1 w/ Blaster) + 6x kabilite Warriors 1 w/ Blaster, inside a Tantalus

2x HQ 1x Elitle - 528 pts
Farseer w/ doom, fortune, smite, Warlock w/ conceal/reveal, smite, 5x Wraithguard w/ D-Scythe all inside Waveserpent w/ dual cannons, a Vectored engines

6 drops total 2000 points total.
Eldar forum a deathstar like formation with wraiths getting fortune, conceal so harder to hit the wraiths, with the wraiths protecting the farseer and warlock. you can advance everyturn becuse your not really shooting with them.

Harlequins use the transport to absorb over watch and and charge units with the masters

razor wing eliminates and MEQs or other problems

raider and tantalus focus on the big guns with the blasters and the k- warriors focus on anything that poison would be better against or troops.

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2k list Aeldari
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