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 Carnage cwe vs nurgle marines vs da

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Carnage cwe vs nurgle marines vs da Empty
PostSubject: Carnage cwe vs nurgle marines vs da   Carnage cwe vs nurgle marines vs da I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 06 2017, 17:16

So got a game in yesterday -  3 way fight at 1250 per side

Although not DE I'm not sure where else to post this, so if it's wrong mids I apologize

The list were roughly:
Dark Angles patrol

2 squads of 10 man Tac squad with plasma, missile and power fist (combat squad'd)
Land speeder with Heavy Flamer and Cyclone
Land Speeder Vengeance
5 man terminator squad with Storm bolters, power fists and Cyclone missile launcher

Nurlge marines Patrol - not 100% on these guys
Chaos lord
Bloat Drone
2 x 10 man havoc squad with 4 lascannons
5 terminators with 3 melta - Deep striking
chaos lord in terminator armor - Deep striking
20 poxwalkers
a squad of death guard with some guns??

My list
Aeldar Outrider detachment

Skyrunner Farseer with Guide and Fortune
2 squads of 3 windrider with shrukien cannons
a squad of 2 Sky weaver with zepherglaived

LoW detachment with WraithKnight running 2 Heavy D cannons and Shruiken Cannons

Deployment and turn order all ended up going DA, Nurgle, CWE

DA deployed split to try and fire at both opposing armies. Nurgle deployed relatively far back with the poxwalkers all to the right as far as they could go and a bloatdrone to the left, within short range of the DA army.  CWE deploys everything hiding out of LOS and rather far back.

There is a single objective in the center of the board, and at the end of each player turn the army with the most models within 3" gets a point - play to 5 turns.

DA T1:
Some slight movement to try and open up fire lanes on the CWE forces. Other wise, most everything shoots the bloat drone, dropping it down to a single wound. Two combat squads open up on the sky weavers and put a single wound in. 3 wounds are given to the WraithKnight from the Vengence. Psychic powers failed to do anything (forgot to roll before shooting so rolled now), so he decides to charge a combat squad into the bloat drone.... who over-watches to kill 4 of the 5 charging guys! The last marine slams his Power fist into the drone, causing it to explode!, killing himself and three other nurgle forces.

Nurgle T1:
Poxwalkers run a toal of 5" towards the objective. Shooting sees 4 lances go into the landspeeder, for 5 damage, and 4 go into the wraithknight, for 4 damage. The terminators shrug off the rest of the shooting without batting an eye.

Wraithknight and Farseer re position on nurgles flank so the only thing they can see is the poxwalkers and the landspeeder vengeance across the way. Solitaire blitzes, and advances for a total of 31", stopping 8" shy of Ezekiel.  One squad of wind rider boosts up to the objective (where there is absolutely no cover) to take a point. Skyweavers boost towards the chaplain. Shadowseer moves up to support.

Psychic phase sees nothing. I forgot I could re-roll for the farseer, and the shadowseer get smite off, and Ezekiel shuts it down.

Shooting sees the WraithKnight drop 6 wounds onto the vengeance and kill 4 poxwalkers. The shadowseer forgets to shoot, and the Starweavers drop a combat squad down to a single guy.

Charging sees the Starweavers hit the chaplain, who adds another wound to the damaged bike, and the solitare slams into Ezekiel, but takes a wound on the way in. Bikes do 4 wounds to the chaplain, and Ezekiel's book of salvation lets him get one attack back, which then drops a bike! The other consolidated into a full combat squad with missile launcher. The Solitaire likewise drops Ezekiel, but again the book sees him take another wound. Since the combat took place right next to the terminators, they piled in (was that legal?) and Fisted my poor solitare into the ground!

End of turn 1: CWE 1 pt

DA T2:
Vengence stays put to fire at full effect. Terminators move towards the Starweaver and the Shadowseer - they are pissed. Combat squad elects to stay in combat (why I don't know) Shooting sees the shadowseer absorb almost the entire eligible DA shooting, and a single wind rider on the objective take a wound. The Shadowseer finally drops once the terminators assault it and smack it down.

Nurgle T2:
Poxwalkers run 6" towards the objective, and a Havock squad moves to create LoS to the WraithKnight. Terminator Lord and terminators all come in - the drop right next to the wraith knight. Shooting sees all 3 meltas hit it, all three wound, and 17 wounds, killing it! Ouch almost 1/2 my army gone there. Chaos lord drops a windrider from the squad accompanying the farseer. Havocks manage to drop a few of the weakened squads, a single terminator, and the Vengeance. Poxwalkers charge the 3 strong windrider squad near the farseer. They lose 3 coming in and kill a bike in return.

Star Weaver disengages, flies behind the squad it was in. Windriders move towards the objective, as does the farseer, and out of and Nurgle shooting range/los. This now gives me a 2 man windrider squad, as well as a 3 man with one wounded, and my farseer all near the objective. Psychic sees the 3 strong windrider squad get fortune and guided. Shooting sees another 4 Poxwalkers die. A combat squad with missile sees 2 guys die, while the other one gets charged. Overwatch manages to score a missile hit that rolls a one to damage... re roll from combat points returns another one!

That starweaver manages to kill 3 guys from that squad.

End of T2: CWE 2 points

DA T3:
There is a general push up towards the objective. Landspeeder moves within range, and terminators move up to prepare to charge. Shooting wiffs or gets saved except the heavy flamer bbq's one windrider on the weakened squad. - everything is thrown towards the windriders. Terminators charge in to try and clear the lone windrider. They get heroically counter charged by the farseer. They fail to do any damage and take a single wound. Sky weaver kills another marine and takes a wound for his efforts.

Nurgle T3: Terminators and lord and Pox walkers all make a mad dash for the objective. Pox walkers end up 4" shy and 9" from anything they could try to charge. Havocks and Plague marines no longer have LOS to anything, so also move to try and set up for next turn shooting. Poxwakers try to charge the 3 man windriders, lose 3 more guys, and fail to make the charge even with re-roll.

Sky weaver disengages and boost up towards the middle objective. Farseer and wind rider also disengage. Farseer pops off smite on the speeder to kill it - no explosion. Everything open into the terminators, killing 2. The last termi get charged and dies to the starweaver.

End of T3: CWE 3 pts

At this point my opponents concede. Everyone had a lot of fun. DA have 2 models left alive, and CWE has 5. Nurgle is hardly touched!

: Starweavers. At 3 wounds and 4 attacks a pop, these guys are deadly and resilient. Their movement makes them a serious threat and Rising Crescendo makes them impossible to pin down.

Honorable Mention: Windriders. With Shrukien Cannons - 9 shoots with a 46" threat range, and their maneuverability makes them very useful. Here is the use for battle focus.

All in all a fun game. Thanks for reading
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Carnage cwe vs nurgle marines vs da Empty
PostSubject: Re: Carnage cwe vs nurgle marines vs da   Carnage cwe vs nurgle marines vs da I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 06 2017, 19:26

Terminators can't pile into you like that no.

For Khaela Mensha Khaine!
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Carnage cwe vs nurgle marines vs da
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