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 620pts VS Tau

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620pts VS Tau Empty
PostSubject: 620pts VS Tau   620pts VS Tau I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 06 2017, 08:34

my buddy and I's first game of 8th. getting used to the ropes and using what he has of his tau/kroot force.

My list:
archon w/ago, blaster&pgl in venom
4 trueborn w/3 blasters and pgl.
2X 3 reavers w/grav talon & ago
2X 5 hellions w/pgl &ago.

Opponents list:
commander w/3 flamers and multi tracker (-1 to saves)
3X10 kroot
3 crisis suits each with 3 missile pods.
4 shield drones

first game: open war, dawn of war, 1 vp for obj.
I was tabled, due to me splitting my forces and running straight at him.

second game: open war, hammer and anvil, relic. relic was behind his troops, so i flanked him and hid. t1 there was no action, T2 i pounced and tabled him T3.

Overall, liking 8th as I fit 2 training games into the time of 1 7th game. flanking is great, then pounce from behind cover. tau missile pods are deadly to us, especially venoms. Root aren't that good, that game was good practice for when my friend eventually gets 100 conscripts.

Unit thoughts:
reavers- great in msg, small, fast, embodiment of DE.
hellions- OK. die so fast in 5 man units, good anti-horde tho with splinter pods and 2 attacks. could be very good with lots of terrain.
archon- meh. didn't expect him to do much, and he didn't.
blaster born- great anti-meq shooting, good
venoms- still loving them. nice small size means i'll probably never take a raider because they're so easy to hide.

Feedback welcome, sorry for lack of info.
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620pts VS Tau
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