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 1000 point fun Ynnari

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1000 point fun Ynnari Empty
PostSubject: 1000 point fun Ynnari   1000 point fun Ynnari I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 03 2017, 21:34

I've been pondering over a themed fast army, and tonight i think it's clicked.

1,000 point Ynnari

Hq - Irillyth
(i've got a man crush on shadow spectres so this seemed apt, probally not worth the points tbh)

Elites [171] - Shadow spectres x 6
       - Exarch x1
- All with prism rifles
(I'm in love with how adaptable these guys are, can deal with anything but tanks)

Fast attack (1+2) [214]
Corsair cloud dancer band x6
- Felarch
- Dissonance cannons x6
(gone cannons because the whole army wants to get close. could switch to lances if i need to)

FA (3+4) [264]
Shining spears x 6
- exarch x 2
- Star lance on exarchs
I like the harlies skyweavers more model wise, but these guys are actually good on the charge - primary anti tank and high T

FA (5) [194]
Reavers x 6
-2x grav talons
- aggy on champ
Just here to tie units up, frustraitingly probaly the worst bikes per point for CC that are meant for cc... they are however, unbelivable at reaching across the board and getting first turn tie-up charge with word of pheonix

3 points left over.

It's just full of units that are cool, fast and nasty.
I'll convert the Sspears somehow because the models are awful, maybe from skyweaver models...
I've got most bases covered, but its doesn't excell in anything but movement. I like my armies well rounded however.

I would be open to switching Irillyth for yvaine or other. I could combine bikes into single packs in a bid to go first...

What do you guys think? Shall i start converting my reavers? (literally can't belive how good corsair bikes are compaired to reavers!)
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1000 point fun Ynnari
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