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 1000 pts

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PostSubject: 1000 pts    1000 pts  I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 01 2017, 10:56

Its been a while since i touched my dark eldar! New edition, new enthousiasm:)

I will be playing my first game of 8'th tonight vs space wolves. 1000 points. Vanguard detachment.

Succubus - stock gear
Combat drug - +1 T

8 x wyches - stock gear
1 hekatrix - stock
Combat drug - +1 str

2 x 5 Mandrakes
1 x 4 Trueborns w/ blasters & dracon-stock gear

Voidraven w dark scytes and missiles

Ravager 3x DL w/ shock prow

Raider w DL
Venom- stock

Wyches go in the raider. Trueborns in Venom.
I hope to get 1st turn by only havin 4 units on the table. The mandrakes will Deepstrike, most likely on turn 1.
My voidraven will protect one of my flanks from deepstriking charges. I would like some razorwings on my other flank, but will risk it.
Once the battle commences, i will try to play the range game for a turn or two, where i hope to take out armour, if he brings it. Depending on deployment, i will try to flank him will all the units(not as easy anymore as we cant turboboost as far as we used to). The wyches will linger on the flank if its raider survives long enough for them to get the charge on a bared unit.
I worry if i brought too much darklight and too little poison.

Thoughts and advice?

Pardon formatting and thick thumbs, as i am on the phone this morning.
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PostSubject: Re: 1000 pts    1000 pts  I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 02 2017, 19:58

Just food for thought, even if you have the units in deepstrike you still "deploy" them. Say your opponent puts there first unit down, you could then say that you were putting your mandrakes in the shadows. Your opponent then gets yo place again. With only 6 drops you have a good chance of getting first still I believe. What you lack in poison hopefully the mandrakes will help to make up for. It's still only 10 shots per unit, but from what I've heard is they're okay to a tad underwhelming, but it'll depend how hot your six rolling is.
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