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 2000 pts vs Eldar/Harlequin

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2000 pts vs Eldar/Harlequin Empty
PostSubject: 2000 pts vs Eldar/Harlequin   2000 pts vs Eldar/Harlequin I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 30 2017, 12:21

So I played my second game in 8th.
I brought a modified list from my previous game (

- Archon PGL, Blast Pistol, Agoniser
- Succubus Blast Pistol, Agoniser
- 3 x 5 Kabailite warrior, blaster, blast pistol, PGL, Agoniser
- 2 x 5 Wyches, blast pistol, PGL, Agoniser
- 8 Incubis
- 2 x 5 Mandrakes
- 2 Lance Ravagers
- 2 Razorwing Jetfirghter

It was my opponents first game in 8th and he's list wasn't that good imo.
From memory

- Illic
- MauganRa
- Shadowseer
- 2 Wave Serpent
- 3 Min avenger squads
- Harlequin Troops
- 1 Starweaver
- 1 Wraith Lord
- 5 Dark Reapers
- 5 Fire Dragons
- 1 Solitaire
- ~10 Guardians

The mission was 4 objectives and I went first.
I don't have turn by turn report (I was pretty tired) but here's a summun of the game by units:

- The Mandrakes dropped in front of the Dark Reapers but only managed to kill 3, the others were killed by the Venoms. They got charged by the starweaver the wraithlord, the Harlequins and the Shadowseer reducing one squad to 1 and the other one to 4. They fell back and got killed on turn 2 by the same units minus the wraithlord.

- The venom performed well, soak a lot of firepower and killed many Dire Avengers adn the Wraith Lord. They ended the game on turn 4 by wipping the guardian and Illic to table my opponents.

- Ravager performed well, killing a WS on turn one but the Lance Curse allowed the other one to survive until turn 3. They had troubel finishing the Starweaver (damn that 4++) and they finally managed to kill the shadowseer (I know they are not the ideal weapon to use against a 4++ model but they were out of better targets)

- Razorwing Jetfighter... wow. I really underestimated them. Their lances contributed to finish vehicles while their missile and cannon seveerly reduced the number of infantry (they were especially helpful in removing the harlequins)

- Incubis... they didn't get the chance to do much. Their raider exploded turn 1, killing 2 (and taking wounds off my Archons and Sucubbus who were riding the same raider). They got charged by the wave serpent and managed 5 wounds on it!!! (lucky roll here). Next turn they fell back to allow the ravagers to finish the WS and got killed by the DA.

- Wyches. They tied and killed a unit of DA and the Fire dragons. One unit had 2 model left and scored an objective while the other got wipped when the left Hekatrix charged Illic (the last eldar on the table).

- Kabalite Warriors. They didn't do much but I only lost 3 of them. They helped killing stuff and scored.

- Archon & Succubus charged the Solitaire who managed to kill the succubus but eventually got murdered by the Archon who proceeded to be killed in overwatch by Illic.

So I tabled him turn 4. Lost a raider, my mandrakes and one squad of Wyches. His list wasn't good imo (2 5 man DA squad were on foot and too many characters) but I'm still pleased with this new list. However it was to similar to the Tau list from last week (few vehicle and small infantry squads on foot) to be a really test. I still don't know how it would perform against hordes or heavy mech armies.
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2000 pts vs Eldar/Harlequin
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