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 First Tournament with Dark Eldar 8th Edition

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PostSubject: First Tournament with Dark Eldar 8th Edition   First Tournament with Dark Eldar 8th Edition I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 26 2017, 02:22

Howdy folks,

First Tournament with Dark Eldar 8th Edition YX6ZTJ2

So yesterday was my first 8th edition tournament.  It was mean't to be a doubles tournament featuring 2v2 matches in which the armies didn't necessarily need to be from the same faction.  (We'll get to that later.)  The overall tournament theme followed TheLongWar's "Bringing the Hobby Back" guidelines.  Each person was to bring a 1000pt list of their choosing, along with their own warlord.  Players were allowed to share their command points, but could still only use one stratagem per side, per phase.  Furthermore, players were not allowed to share points, and if they were under 1000pts, they couldn't borrow spare points from their teamate, and each player had to have their own detachment.

Initially my friend and I came up with a pretty nasty game plan involving my Harlequin force utilizing a wealth of jetbikes combined with the Adeptus Mechanicus.  But.. then the Forgeworld Codices dropped the day before the tournament, giving my friend the chance to try out his Elysians or Krieg, and me the opportunity to try out my Tantalus, Reaper, or even my other forgeworld goodies (my poor, poor Corsair army).  Needless to say, our several weeks of playing and list development went out the window when we saw all the new stuff.

My list was relatively plain, I really struggled trying to squeeze the Tantalus and Reaper into a single list, without grabbing a Heavy Support detachment (together they cost 500pts, limiting my options with what else to bring).  After some consideration, I decided to bring a Patrol detachment and focus on my favorite units, Kabalite warriors and boats.

So without further delay, here was my list..

HQ: Archon
- Bare bones as could be, just a splinter pistol and agoniser.

Troops: 3x squads of 10 Kabalite warriors
- No upgrades at all, just vanilla warriors.

Dedicated Transports: 2x Raiders w/ Dark lances

Heavy Support: 1x Tantalus ; 1x Reaper

My friend meanwhile really wanted to test out his Krieg, and thus fielded a pretty formidable artillery and infantry themed army.  I'm not super familiar with his force, so pardon any mistakes, but I'm just going off of memory.

HQ: Colonel Something-or-other, a command squad, some medical servitors, and a quartermaster.
- The amount of orders these guys had were pretty awesome, and the fact that Krieg can turn their rapid-fire lasguns into pistols, makes them even nastier in close-combat.

Okay so I don't really know the rest of his army all that well.  But basically he had around 6 squads of infantry, a plasma gun in each one and no heavy weapons teams.  

The real highlight of the Krieg army were the 3 Earthshaker carriages and 2 Thudd-guns he brought along, promising to dish out some real damage.

But enough of that!

Game One

Our first game we wound up playing against a fairly formidable force.  One of the individuals we fought I knew from a previous Tournament in 7th edition, and sort-of knew his playing style.  Together they were playing a mixed unit of Ultramarines and Tau.  The Ultramarines had a company commander on a bike along with an apothecary, a squad of Marines on bikes with plasma guns galore (I think they were a command squad or the like?), a Venerable dreadnought with a plasma cannon, a drop-pod carrying 5 devastators, 4 with Grav-cannons, and a squad of assault marines.  

Meanwhile our Tau opponent had a 'diverse' list, including 3 Commanders, each with the drone controller upgrade and 3 missile pods per.  And he also had a Stormsurge kitted out with the 4+ invuln, and the stimulant injector for FNP.

Our mission type was 'Big Guns Never Tire', leaving me a little worried because I'd never tested the Reaper and Tantalus before, and both were heavy support choices.  


We had the basic dawn of war deployment map on a woodland table that was fairly devoid of cover, beyond a few scattered woods.  We took turns deploying as usual, with the Reaper sitting in the center of the field, and as far forwards as possible to capitalize on it's range, and to open up as many fields of fire as I could. For the most part, the vast majority of our enemy's force was put into deep-strike, allowing us to deploy freely to counter the single stormsurge sitting at the back of the field.  The tantalus was set up right behind the Reaper, and then behind them the thudd-guns and basilisks went into place.  My raiders meanwhile sat on the far right of the field, hoping to rush up and put some hurt onto the space marine bikes.  The Krieg infantry on our team set up spread out, securing our deployment zone and preventing the enemy from deepstriking behind our line and hurting the artillery.

But of course, with the sheer amount of units we had, we finished deploying last and thus enabled our opponents to take first turn.

The Game

To our opponent's dismay, we managed to steal the initiative before the game began, changing the entire dynamic of the fight.

Right away I boosted the Tantalus up as far as it would go, literally putting it less than 6" away from the Stormsurge. (In a way, this gamble paid off)  Then the Tantalus opened up, putting down a horrifying amount of shots (-1 to hit for advancing hurt a bit, but not too much) that knocked the Stormsurge down a few pegs.  The Reaper then laid into it, taking the poor thing down to 5 wounds left, leaving it barely able to hit targets on a 5+.  Both dark lances on the raiders missed their targets, and the artillery unfortunately didn't put out nearly as much damage as we'd hoped.  The splinter rifles meanwhile took out a pair of bike marines, and unfortunately the kabalites on the Tantalus couldn't shoot due to advancing.  (In hind sight, I was a little overzealous with advancing, but just watching my opponent freak out when the damn thing raced across the field into their deployment zone made it worth it.

Turn one was pretty successful for us, but we didn't manage to destroy any units, and forfeited First Blood.  

Our opponents brought everything in, mostly surrounding the Tantalus and keeping the fight in their deployment zone.  But a single squad of devastators with grav dropped in near some ruins with their drop-pod, setting it onto the objective and also bringing up the Dreadnought on that flank.  Their entire turn of shooting was dedicated towards trying to down the Tantalus. Literally everything shot into it. The commanders had a few marker drones with them, and were at a -1 to hit due to moving in from reserve (making them only hit on a 6).. But.. because of the way the 'Drone Controller' rule is written (+1 to hit for drones within 6"), our opponent was able to get away with only hitting on 3's.  

The Tantalus was lit up like a christmas tree at that point with 5 markerlights on it.  One of the Tau commanders declared Kaunyon-whatever, letting everything within a bubble re-roll failed to hit.  The Stormsurge shot all of it's destroyer rockets at the Tantalus, then all of it's guns, then all of the commanders shot at it, then all of the plasma bikers shot it, then the Plasma dreadnought shot it, and finally it succumbed to the overwhelming horde of firepower. Thankfully it didn't explode, allowing my Archon and Kabalites to disembark (albeit I lost a pair of kabalites in the wreck), who of course disembarked 3" closer to the stormsurge and near a small bunker for some cover.

After that our opponent decided to shoot the grav at my Reaper, only to then learn that it only had a 4+ armor save, (drastically reducing the effectiveness of grav).  It only lost a pair of wounds, but beyond that nothing much else happened.  

Unfortunately their turn took well over an hour (While it's purely conjecture, he had his units on more objectives than we did, and was about to kill the Tantalus for a few extra victory points, I really think he was just stalling for time to deny us the opportunity to catch up, it really hurt us in the long-run)

The next turn the horde of Krieg infantry advanced up the field, trying to get into the fight, now that the threat to their artillery was gone.  I meanwhile maneuvered my Kabalites closer, trying to get more into cover while also closing the gap with the Tau commanders.  (I didn't ask which one was the warlord at first, which in hindsight I should've done) The two surviving raiders meanwhile disembarked their troops and then maneuvered up the field, trying to put some shots with their dark lances onto the stormsurge and dreadnought.  The reaper meanwhile stayed in place and put some shots onto the Stormsurge, knocking it down to a single wound remaining.  (With the Reaper being heavy, I felt like it was best to just keep it in place and maximize my damage output)  Once again the artillery under performed while shooting at the devastators.  (We had a bit of a dispute about the cover rules, as his entire unit wasn't actually in cover.  But in the end we just let him roll 2+ armor saves for the unit).  The archon then charged one of the commanders, he insisted the Stormsurge could overwatch with 'Supporting Fire', I asked to see it in the book, lo' and behold it wasn't there.  The Archon rushed in, bitch smacked a commander around, managed to deal some mediocre damage but with only 1 damage per wound on the agoniser, and the savior protocols on the drones, not enough to be valuable.  The kabalites rushed in as well, throwing out some more wounds, killing a few drones but not much else.  Meanwhile both of my Raiders charged, one at the remaining squad of bikes, the other at the dreadnought. (I figured the raider might die from the dreadnought in close combat, by at least it wouldn't be able to shoot at my kabalites on the objective.)

During our opponent's turn meanwhile, the commanders jumped out of combat and leaped onto the objective that the stormsurge was protecting, declared yet another Kaun-whatever (giving them twin-linked for all weapons.  It's a once a game aura ability, but my opponent argued that the wording on it, implied that it could be used once per game, per commander.  I still disagree, but hey) then opening up with their missile pods and splattering the poor kab squad.  Surprisingly the archon got ignored.  They heard he had a 2+ invuln and a 6+ FNP and just figured he'd be unkillable (They didn't realize that the invuln goes away after the first fail and can't be re-rolled, but I wasn't about to remind them of that)  The dreadnought slugged away at the Raider, finally killing it and causing it to explode, inevitably dragging the dreadnought down with it.  My other raider meanwhile was wrecked by the Space marine captain's thunder hammer, and then the Kabalites suffered a few casualties during close combat, but nothing substantial. Meanwhile the Stormsurge shot everything it had remaining into the Reaper. Despite the stormsurge only hitting on 6's, it's twin-linked ability with the commander's Kaun-whatever gave it just enough to bring the poor thing down.

After a measly two turns the game ended, a whole three and a half hours later.  We secured two objectives, they held one. They killed 2 heavy support units, we killed none (as there was one remaining devastator from his unit). They killed 2 raiders, a tantalus, a reaper, and a squad of kabalites, we killed a squad of space marines bikers, giving them victory in kill-points. The krieg killed the space marine commander in close combat (Go Krieg!), giving us a Warlord kill, while they never managed to hurt one of our HQ's. All in all, they won the match.

Admittedly I was a little disappointed as everyone else had finished their matches a whole half hour before us and got at least 3 turns in. I really feel like my opponent played for time, and that if we had the chance to finish things up, we would've been able to turn the tide. The entire krieg force was going strong, they hadn't even lost an entire unit, and were really putting down some hurt in close-quarters. But hey, we hadn't even optimized our lists, didn't even come to the table with a plan, and still did pretty well in my opinion.

Pardon the salt.

First Tournament with Dark Eldar 8th Edition 1284940399717-dumpfm-pizzadog-salt_shaker

I'll be writing up a little more about the other two matches as time goes on!

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PostSubject: Re: First Tournament with Dark Eldar 8th Edition   First Tournament with Dark Eldar 8th Edition I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 26 2017, 09:34

Too bad to hear that you had such opponents. It´s never fun to play against those kind of guys.
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PostSubject: Re: First Tournament with Dark Eldar 8th Edition   First Tournament with Dark Eldar 8th Edition I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 26 2017, 22:59

Totally looked up the Kauyon rule or whatever its called and I don't think they can use it more than once. It does say once per battle, at the beginning of your turn, a SINGLE Commander... Now I get why he might think well it means I can only do it once at the start of my turn so if i have multiple commanders they can't spam it all at once, but look at farsight or shadowsun. They say they can perform theirs even if it has already been called that game. That makes me think you can only do it once a game no matter how many commanders. Sorry but they just realllllly wanted to win against you guys
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PostSubject: Re: First Tournament with Dark Eldar 8th Edition   First Tournament with Dark Eldar 8th Edition I_icon_minitime

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First Tournament with Dark Eldar 8th Edition
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