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 2000 p vs Eldar

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PostSubject: 2000 p vs Eldar   2000 p vs Eldar I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 25 2017, 11:48

Made my 8th debut the other day. My 2000 pts consisted of

Archon - agoniser (with Incubi)
Haemonculus - electrocorrosive whip (with Incubi, he was only there because I needed 2 HQ and I didn't have a second Archon model nor a Succubus)
Trueborn w splinter cannons on Venom
Trueborn w dark lances (deployed in cover) + Venom
5 Mandrakes
5 Incubi (well, actually only 4) on Raider
2 x 5 Warriors w blasters on Raider
2 x 5 Warriors w blasters on Raider
5 Warriors on Raider
5 Scourges w heat lances
5 Scourges
Ravager w lances
Ravager w dis cannons

Opponent list: Spirit seer, 3 units of Wraithguard in Wave Serpents w sh cannons, 3 Jetbikes w sh cannons, Wraithknight, Hemlock.

Corner depoyment. Kill points mission... :-) It's my first game of 8th though, so mission/winning/loosing is kind of unimportant, I just want to try stuff out. Have not played DE for a while (it was well over a year ago), but now they don't seem like rubbish anymore. Memory is starting to fade, but it went something like this:

First turn, he moves forward as much as possible with his low range sturdy units. One raider and one venom was destroyed by knight and hemlock respectively and a couple of warriors from each transport slain. The serpents took the odd wound from a couple of other raiders. I then aimed at downing two serpents, but underestimated their resilience (know your enemy, the serpents were nowhere near the fragile units that I navigate - higher T, higher W, better save and also reduces multi wound damage by one point). I barely managed to destroy one of them with my dark light, and then took out the bikes with dissies. Tactical error? I'm thinking I should have focused on the knight turn one, since it consistently destroyed at least one of my vehicles each turn. Also, I forgot I could bring in reserves in turn one, so my scourges didn't get to contribute.

Second turn, wraithguard disembarks near my lines and move closer. Dissie ravager and one raider bites it from shooting. I bring in scourges and mandrakes and kill one of the wraithguard units with these. I focus on the Hemlock with the rest of my dark light but my shooting phase is a disaster and I don't even scratch it.

Third turn, I loose another Raider and Venom plus my dark lance Trueborn who were trying to hide in a tower, but there just is no hiding from str 10 auto hits is there. Then, I have a better turn of shooting and manage to wipe out his remaining wraithguard and cripple a serpent. Also shot, charged and killed his spirit seer with some warriors. "All" that is left now is the knight and the hemlock (both unharmed) and a couple of serpents.

Fourth turn, I loose another couple of transports and then finally decide to go for the knight. I strip half it's wounds in one turn and also manage to further weeken one of the serpents.

Fifth turn, the grinding continues and then we shake hands over a 18-7 loss for the True Kin.

Kill points obviously didn't do me any favours, nor did leaving the scourges in reserve a full turn, and probably my priority should have been to take out the knight since it is now easy to do again with poisoned shooting. Wraith units should be easy to dispatch but they are tricky since they can fall back and shoot and they now have multiple wounds, so are more resilient to poisoned shooting.

However... Very pleased with the Scourges (both the ones with heat lance and the "naked" ones). Very pleased with the Mandrakes (additional mortal wounds on 6+ is really nice against some targets, they did a fair amount of mortal wounds on the wraith knight for example). Not pleased at all with HQ, agoniser is a cheap but rather useless weapon and I dare say nobody needs to fear the Archon (the shadow field can probably be frustrating though if you are lucky). I'll just give him a blaster from now on. Incubi had a tough task going up against T5 W3 opponents but seem OK. Ravagers definitely OK with assault weapons. Trueborn and warriors definitely OK as well, as are the transports. I'm looking forward to the next game, and then I might even focus and reflect on the rules changes that 8th brought.
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2000 p vs Eldar
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