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 VS Tyranids 8th

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PostSubject: VS Tyranids 8th   VS Tyranids 8th I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 23 2017, 16:56

Hi Guys,

I'm facing of against Tyranids tonight.... any tips?
Manly in how to prevent a huge genestealer charge... warriors or wracks???

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PostSubject: Re: VS Tyranids 8th   VS Tyranids 8th I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 23 2017, 17:49

Depends on if you're having fun or you really want to win, but, per the usual, shoot the choppy and chop the shooty. Make good use of your speed and long range weaponry to stay at maximum range so that they have to come to you. Chip away at them before engaging as you wait for Power from Pain to kick in.  Don't put your units in a compromised position just to try and get a lucky roll with a dark Lance. Can't tell you how many raiders I've lost to blood lust induced movements.

Now for Tyranids specifically, you can expect the larger creatures to have synapse, allowing their hordes to ignore morale. So try and go for their big monsters but if they have some warriors or something bubble wrapped by some gaunts. Use your anti infantry weapons to open up a hole in their line and get some DL shots onto the warriors.

Surge and ebb like the tide. Take battles that you want. Sun Tzu the frak out of your enemy!

Last thing that I might suggest, dunno what pts or power level you're playing at, but assuming you have and are taking a raider and it survives a charge from the enemy (occupants can't overwatch btw) at the start of your turn you can disembark the unit from the transport (as long as they are within 3" from the transport and 1" from the enemy unit. Then have your raider fall back (it can still shoot->Fly keyword) and have your freshly disembarked unit unload on the enemy unit mere inches in front of them. Feel free to charge if you so desire, although you may reconsider charging with Kabalites.

I'd love to hear how your game turns out! Either post it here or over in the battle report page. Or comment if you have any further questions on rules or anything.

Good luck fellow archon! May a swift wind fill your sails!

Edit: if your opponent has a single large blob, use something inexpensive to tie them up for a turn or two as the rest of your army deals with the rest of theirs. This can be anything as expensive as a Talos or a raider, to as cheap as a few razorwing flocks or a few Khymaraes.(did I spell that right?). You can do what's call "bubble wrapping" by either making a line of models that they have to charge before getting to your back lines, or you can bubble wrap their unit so that they have to ether charge you or go backwards to avoid you. Just beware when bubble wrapping your own units that if your wrap is finished off, the enemy can consolidate within 1" of one of your other units and tie them up in close combat as well.
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VS Tyranids 8th
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