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 1000 point pure coven

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1000 point pure coven Empty
PostSubject: 1000 point pure coven   1000 point pure coven I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 17 2017, 15:31

Hello everyone. This is my first attempt at an 8th edition list. Im not sure if it will yield much but i figured it would fun to field.

So im using a battalion detachment
2x haemies each with a hexrifle and electro corrosive whip

1 unit of 5 wracks with an ossefactor and a hexrifle and electro corrosive whip on the achothyst

3 units of 5 wracks with an ossefactor and a hexrifle and venom blades on the achothyts

3 raiders with dark lances

1 cronos with a spirt vortex and syphon

That gets me to 998 so ill use the two points for shock prows

My plan is to throw the haemies in seperate raiders with a unit of wracks each and then put the other two units of wracks in one raider and rush them up into cc as quickly as i can while the cronos scoots up the field. Ill try to use the hexrifles to focus fire down a character and the ossefactors to grab a few wounds before getting into cc. As for the raiders ill use them to try to wound any vehicles and move troops about as needed. The cronos i don't really expect to do all that much seeing as im only tsking the one but im interusted in plaing around with it so i figured i would throw it in the army.
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1000 point pure coven
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