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 1K Dark Eldar vs Necrons

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PostSubject: 1K Dark Eldar vs Necrons   1K Dark Eldar vs Necrons I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 16 2017, 09:37

Hi all,

Played my second game of 8th edition against Necrons last night. The Necron player was new to 8th edition so we didn't play with strategems nor structured detachments. The lists:

Dark Eldar
1 x Archon (Blaster, Agoniser, Phantasm)
5 x Trueborn (4 x Shredders, Phantasm, Agoniser)
1 x Raider (Dissie, Shockprow) [Trueborn and Archon in here]

5 x Trueborn (4 x blasters, phantasm, agoniser)
1 x venom (2 x cannons) [Trueborn in here]

5 x Trueborn (4 x blasters, phantasm, agoniser)
1 x venom (2 x cannons) [Trueborn in here]

10 x hellions(9 x hellglaive, 1 x agoniser) [+1 attack drug]

3 x reaver jetbikes (1 x blaster, 1 x agoniser) [+1 toughness drug]

Necron (was a couple of points over)
1 x C'Tan the deceiver
1 x Illuminar Szeras
20 x warriors
5 x Lychguard (With shields + axes)
1 x Triarch Stalker
5 x deathmarks
1 x Spyder
4 x Scarabs


I deployed first and finished deploying first too. He had deployed VERY defensively, his necron warriors were in a wall infront of his illuminar (Makes re-animation rolls to a 4+) with his Stalker behind and his lychguard nearby to protect from any charging. It was a mass of infantry that I didn't want to get too close to.

His spyder and C'Tan however were deployed on both of his flanks which, as I deployed my troops I focused priority on his C'Tan.



Turn 1
Turn 1 was fairly uneventful for Dark Eldar. We rushed up, i prepared my reavers to charge the spyder next turn. Hellions moved into cover to charge C'Tan next turn whilst raider and both venoms fired at the C'tan and did 1 wound! Damn you 4+ invunerable save! With focused fire however, I had managed to kill 9 warriors! He then lost another 3 to moral check. Devastating!

... Or so I thought! With the Illuminar sitting behind them, he managed to get 9 warriors back!! It was heartbreaking. They then moved up slowly and destroyed 1 of my venoms (No explode and no one lost!).

Turn 2
I was down to 1 venom now so decided to move it round the far flank to start attacking the stalker. The raider deployed it's troops and prepared to charge the warriors that had moved forward. The archon and the shredders moved forward and also prepared to charge the warriors, with the shredders firing into the unit and dealing moderate damage. (Strength 6 is really, really nice, finally wounding on 3's with rerolls!)

The hellions raced across infront of the C'tan to charge it and pumped it full of shots. Managed to kill it! Wasn't expected which now left them in the open. The reavers charged the spyder after doing no damage in the shooting phase. The flanking venom had managed to place 4 wounds on the Triach.

The reaver attacking the spyder did no damage and was really disapointing. Managed to kill another 8 necron warriors however, I was now outside of charge range...

Necron turn 2 saw almost all the warriors return to the table and they opened fire on my raider (Why?) and managed to do 6 wounds. The triach missed my hellions and the spyder fell back whilst the scarabs charged my reavers.

The scarabs were haunting! Managing to kill 1 of my reavers due to their 5+ wound everything rule.

Things were now very messy in the middle as I was moving to surround him, but again - His lychguard were lying in wait for me to charge.

Turn 3 (Final Turn

I opened up with everything I had into the triach, warriors and Lychguard. I moved everyone into charge range of the warriors hoping to kill enough of them to charge the Illuminar just behind them.

Unfortunately, Necrons are tough cookies and I didn't kill too many (Dissie cannon was VERY tame this game) however his Stalker was practically useless now due to the volume of wounds I had placed on it.

I charged with everyone into the warriors and managed to wipe them out. This was then when he conceded.

Unfortunately we had both completely forgotten about his deathmarks in reserve.

Final Notes

I think it could've gone 50 / 50 if he had brought them in. His lychguard would've been devastating and I had no real CC unit capable of hurting them.

It was great to play against a necron team that used scarabs, spyders and the stalker. It definitely felt like I was playing against a thematic necron army as they were slow, lumbering, heavily armoured and just wouldn't stay dead!

Dissie cannon wasn't great, should've used it against his lychguard in truth due to their 2 wounds.

Reavers were -again- pretty useless. Still not too sure how to run these guys in this new edition...

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PostSubject: Re: 1K Dark Eldar vs Necrons   1K Dark Eldar vs Necrons I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 24 2017, 05:22

Reavers seem a lot less useful now that we're so limited to how many blasters/heat lances they can take. That being said, unless facing Tyrannid or Space Marines I would almost always push towards the Heat Lance over the Blaster in this addition.
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1K Dark Eldar vs Necrons
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