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 2v2 1000pts each

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2v2 1000pts each Empty
PostSubject: 2v2 1000pts each   2v2 1000pts each I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 14 2017, 01:15

So. This evening we tried our first go at 8e. Jus a friendly with two space marine armies blood angels and dark angels vs me (DE) and a necron player.
Space marines took 2 Baal predators l razorback two dreads two assault squads two tactical squads a drop pod and some deathwing (reserves for them were assault squads dread and deathwing)
I took two 5 man kabbalites an arching a succubus some incubi and some wyches. Along with a ravager and 3 raiders. The necron player took 2 squads, a transport, a flyer and some big gunboat. (Never played, don't know. Sorry.)
We roll relic and win to choose deployment. We opt for search and destroy set up.
Marines set up finishes first so they're to go first.
Things begin to go wrong for them.
We seize the initiative.
Raiders move forward aggressively necrons hold the centre and rear.
Concentrated fire from dark lances remove a dread and cripple a baal predator.
Necron fire finishes off the Baal predator and cripples the razor back
They drop reserves
Dread into back field to target the necron big guns and squads
Assault marines in front of necron squads and transport
Deathwing flank the skimmers
Return fire drops a raider to 1 wound, half destroys a necron squad and dings another raider.
Assaults charge the remainder of the necron squad and the big gunboat. Reach the squad fail on the gunboat. Squad dies.
Terminators beat up a Rader a bit.4 or 5 wounds left.
Crippled raider advances towards the final Baal predator as the undamaged wych filled raider moves forwards in support along with the dented one which disengeages and moves forwards. ravager turns to deal with the backfield dread. Incubi and kabbalites have disembarked. Incubi to deal with terminators and kabbalites to grab the relic and target the assault squads.
Necrons turn to deal with the assault squad. And the flyer finishes the razor back and kills a couple of the tactical squaddies (they're holed up back field in buildings not really having much impact.)
Ravager destroys the dreadnought. Necron and kaballutes deal with assault squads incubi kill 3 terminators. Archon finishes the squad.
Wych raider heads towards the tactical squads as the other two ram the remaining predator.
Game called at the end of our second turn.

Lessons. Dark lances are much better.
Kabbalites do good work.
Transports are much more survivable now.
Game flows well, new to wound chart is easy to grasp and means looking for exact str can often be skipped.
Incubi are good but maybe not worth the points. Same for the archon.
Necrons are scary good.
Their big gun has one huge shot and 12 rapid fire guns or something. Fairly resilient,.
Assault marines are beast in c.c. (shocking)
Aggressive play with their tactical squads would have helped the marines.
Terminators without thunder hammers can't wreck vehicles nearly as well this edition.
Good 1st game. Will play again.
Sorry if b,r. Is dull or uninformative. Slightly drunk and tired. But tired up to see how this ed shakes out.
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2v2 1000pts each
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