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 Drukhari and Harlequin 1000pt list

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Drukhari and Harlequin 1000pt list Empty
PostSubject: Drukhari and Harlequin 1000pt list   Drukhari and Harlequin 1000pt list I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 13 2017, 14:12

Vanguard Detachment

Shadowseer, Shuriken pistol.

Death Jester
Kabalite Trueborn x 5: 4 blasters, 1 blast pistol
Kabalite Trueborn x 5: 4 blasters, 1 blast pistol

   1 Sybarite: Splinter rifle,Agoniser,Phantasm grenade launcher
   1 Kabalite Warrior: Splinter cannon
   1 Kabalite Warrior: Blaster
   7 Kabalite Warrior: Splinter rifle

Venom: 2 splinter cannons
Venom: 2 splinter cannons
Raider: Disintegrator cannon, Shock prow

So the two sqauds of Trueborn will go around on a flank taking out any of the heavy vehicles or big units. Meanwhile the solitaire will follow closely behind and he will be protected from shooting due to being a character. Then maybe turn 2 he can blitz onto an out of position unit.

The Death Jester will try to stay somewhere in the middle of the map as an infantry killer, this is because his Shrieker cannon can do d3 mortal wounds to a unit whenever he kills an infantry model. The Shadowseer will follow the Death Jester around the map as she gives "Shield from harm" to all Masque infantry which means enemies must do -1 to hit when shooting anyone 6 inches from the Shadowseer. I feel that this will make a good combo and if needed the Shadowseer can use Fog of dreams to make specific units have -1 to hit to be even worse at hitting.

Finally the raider with the 10 kabalite warriors will be another infantry killer possibly going on the other side of the map, or maybe helping the death jester out in the middle. I may potentially change the Disintegrator cannon to a Dark Lance if I feel low on anti tank but the two venoms with trueborn in should be enough. In total this list comes up to 999 points with one to spare.

So what do you guys think? I feel that this is a pretty good 1000pt list.
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Drukhari and Harlequin 1000pt list
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