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 First Game, 500 pts

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PostSubject: First Game, 500 pts   First Game, 500 pts I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 23 2011, 18:52

Was sitting at the local G-dub, finishing a squad of wracks, before the glue was even fully dry, I'm too excited not to try them out. One of the other folks there agrees to a mini game. I would feel bad for beating up on a kid, but he's had waaay more games than I have in the last 2 years.

My List:

Venom Blade
Liquifier Gun

9 Wyches
Hekatrix w/ Agonizer
Raider w/ Night Shields

5 Wracks
Liquifier Gun
Venom w/ Night Shields


His List:
Castellan Crowe

2x Purifier Squad (5 man)

2x Razoerback w/ Heavy bolter
Psybolt shells

The Battle:

The Terrain:
Heavy Cityfight (His choice, my delight)

He wins first turn, and sets up his RBs as close to the center of the board as possible, Castellan between them.

My Flock of Doom set up behind a ruined building, out of sight.

First turn, he moves into a square, RB winding through streets towards my corner, Crown running to hide behind the corner of a building. In response, I moved my army, as a whole, 24 inches into the table quarter on my right, still behind cover. This placed me about 20 inches from his tanks.

Turn Two, RBs edge 6 inches closer, and Crowe moves into an open area near a large statue of a Space Marine. Sensing weakness, the ravager moves to a clear alley and targets Crowe with three streams of darklight. Saves: 6,5,3; we check, and the man does not have Eternaal Warrior, first VP to me. Raider moves to corner of building, and takes a pothot at the lead RB, Penetrating hit, Heavy Bolter Destroyed. That made me a bit overconfident.

Turn Three, the RB that was damaged barrels through a pile of rubble and disgorges a squad of Purifiers intent on avenging their fallen leader. The other heads into an open area. Ravager moves to fire on the undamaged RB and stuns it twice. Raider approaches the injured RB like a shark circling a wounded swimmer, opens fire and immobilizes it. The Venom has darted out and pours 12 Splinter cannon shots into the disembarked Purifiers. Power armor lets him down and 3 die.

Turn Four, the RB passes his fortitude test and trundles forward, opening up on the ravager and sending it crashing down in flames, KP to him. The purifiers try to return fire on the Venom, but the arcane Night Shields keep it safe.The Raider swoops behind another building, making sure it cannot be targetted by that HB, while the Venm mops up the Purifiers, KP to me.

Turn Five, I've got the enemy spooked, and he doesn't follow me, instead he taunts me via loudspeaker, calling me out to a "fair fight" Cackles of laughter in the darkness is the only reply. When I see he isn't going to fall into my trap, I go Flat Out and put a few buildings between us. Game doen't end.

Turn Six, I get called a coward again, and the Razorback slowly gives chase.The Venom and Raider rendezvous deep in his deployment zone, just in time to shake hands as the game ends.

Final Score, 2 KP to 1 KP, advantage Dark Eldar.We shake hands and chat for the rest of the evening as he doesn't have time for a rematch. All in all, good clean fun for me, though if I had been a little more conservative, I might not have lost my Ravager. My only regret? No one on my side had to disembark.

Selling/tradings tons of GW stuff, check the Slave Pits in the Barter Room.

Captured Victims: Castellan Crowe, Ultramarine Chapter Master
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First Game, 500 pts Empty
PostSubject: Re: First Game, 500 pts   First Game, 500 pts I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 06 2011, 13:58

" Redundancy "
i have every flavor of marine to contend with lately. between gray knight, chaos marines and ultra marines and blood ravens, that one word hold up.
seems to work very well. they are well geared to blow up most DE units, having said that. blowing some points on night shields and a flicker field. lets u sit just out of range as they "think" they can get the upper hand.
that is when the DE shine. deception and speed. ( reduncancy* )
one unit of reaver jetbikes can wipe out an entire group of infantry at one pass as 36" with caltrops+blade-vanes.
moving at full speed ( in my case "Tank shock" as it is usually Shaken ) those raiders plow wyches straight into marine lines. not only does the chance at taking back a RB but also the explosion CAN be completely saved. but again its just more shots on target; and to boot marine players have this compulsion of assaulting wyches... ur faster and u have an INVULNERABLE in melee. a hekatrix will murder most marines just from the Hydra gauntlets + combat drugs ( pray for painbringer! )
i prefer hits over power weapons. less expensive. HG= more shots on target.
as soon as they disembark ( between DL and Haywire granades its gonna happen)
jetbikes clear the area for more DE troops to filter through, all the while pushing deeper into range for a HL to take out their ACE piece of armor.
just a thought.

may their gods have mercy on my enemies for i shall...... ooh blood!

let me make myself perfectly clear. if i ever kill you; you are gonna be awake, you are gonna be armed, you are gonna be facing me; only Then u will realize i poisoned the grip of your weapon. Subtlety is not deception.
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First Game, 500 pts
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