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 ***News & Rumour threads for 8th edition***

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***News & Rumour threads for 8th edition*** Empty
PostSubject: ***News & Rumour threads for 8th edition***   ***News & Rumour threads for 8th edition*** I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 05 2017, 19:54

As the detailed rules for the new 8th edition of 40K have already been leaked and are clarified daily now, as are the specifics for each army faction, it is time for some house-cleaning to start happening around Commorragh.

1 - specific news about new rules and other worthy topics should continue to be posted in the News & Rumour section.  But:

  • new discussions and news & rumours about the Lesser Races should be posted in the section that is already reserved for them, "OTHER NEWS & RUMOURS" in "OTHER DISCUSSION" towards the bottom of the forum's main page.  Everything was left in one, convenient place until now, but over the coming week posts concerning the weak, frail Imperium and the other teeming masses of the universe will be beamed out of the DARK ELDAR News & Rumour section.

  • old discussions and news & rumour threads about 8th edition's rules and those of the Drukhari will be closed.  New discussions of specific rules and tactics, and how Dark Eldar will operate from now on should take place in the relevant TACTICS and RULES: QUERIES & QUESTIONS sections of COMMORRAGH: TACTICA and CRAFTWORLD ELDAR, HARLEQUINS & CORSAIRS.  There is enough solid information now to allow us to do this.

2 - threads relating to SHADOW WARS: ARMAGEDDON have been left where they fell until now as they had some relevance to discussions on the upcoming 8th edition release.  They will now be shifting to the more appropriate TEMPLE OF GAMES - SPECIALIST & OTHER GAMES section of the forum.

3 - existing sticky threads - Horror Amps and Grisly Trophies - in various sections of the forum that relate to the 7th edition of 40K and previous codexes for Dark Eldar will begin to be cut loose or morph into something new as the appropriate time arrives, and new content becomes available to replace them.

Thank you.
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***News & Rumour threads for 8th edition***
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