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 Nids vs 'Quins 8th ed

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Nids vs 'Quins 8th ed Empty
PostSubject: Nids vs 'Quins 8th ed   Nids vs 'Quins 8th ed I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 04 2017, 22:28

So, wanted to try out the 8th rules today so play tested one game with my wife. She ran her Harlequins and I decided to run Nids just to check it out.

We decided to do the narrative play style of list building.

Harly list (24 pts):
Shadow-seer with Neuro Disruptor, Smite and Fog of Dreams powers
Troupe Master with Fusion pistol and Kiss
5x Troups with Fusion Pistols and Kiss's
Void Weaver with Prim Cannon

Broodlord - Smite and Catalyst powers
5x Genestealers with Scything Talons and Toxin Sacs
2x Carnifex's with Devourers, Bio-Plasma, and Toxin Sacs

We rolled for the battle, and got the first one with the 4 objective markers, each worth 2 pts and d3 for warlord.

I ended up tabling her by the end of turn 5.

Some thoughts:

Game winner was Smite - by far. After having the troupes slaughter my Geenstealers and one Carnifex (20 attacks, hitting on 3+, wounding on a 5+ with re-roll, Carnifex saves on 4+, and then takes d3 wounds per wounds... 10 wounds when it was all said and done). Broodlord chose to smite them. Stealers had already ate the shadow-seer so no psychic defense left - that is going to HURT for DE

Smite hit her Troupe squad on a 10 for the test - so d6 wounds. Rolled a 1, burned a command re-roll and got a 6. Entire Troupe squad gone. Did not like this - at all.

Once her Troupes were down that was basically game.

As far as narrative play - It made for a quick and relatively balanced game. If not for Smite I think it would have been really close.
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Nids vs 'Quins 8th ed Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nids vs 'Quins 8th ed   Nids vs 'Quins 8th ed I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 05 2017, 11:18

The average wounds from smite is 1.9166. Sure we can't deny it so most likely every Psyker will deal that Dmg a turn against us. But as long as one dont place something good close we're good. I think the Hive Tyrant and Farseer on a bike is some of the only psykers that are faster than out shocktroops( Warlocks have lame Smite so can't be arsed to make any math of all, and they die (statisticly) if they perils))). So more often than not we're gonna be in charge of what gets smited. And loosing a 1,6 Wyches a turn isnt really that bad. 1,6 Helion might a bit worse but just be smart and tank it with some scrubs instead.

A Farseer needs to make 6 Smite turns just to pay for himself (No other actions or anything else taken into consideration) by killing infantry (Rounded to 10p per model since some smart moves will be made on our part not to lose too much good stuff). Lets call it 4-5 turns with his reroll. Feels like mehh to me atleast.

I must agree in smaller games it's broken agains elite armies. And you rolled REALLY well (Like top 2,3% well).

But in such a small game many things can just win it on the first turn. A Ravager could murder a large pack of SM on the first turn with top 2.3% rolls.
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Nids vs 'Quins 8th ed
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