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 Kabals and Clowns 2000pts

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Kabals and Clowns 2000pts Empty
PostSubject: Kabals and Clowns 2000pts   Kabals and Clowns 2000pts I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 04 2017, 18:44

Battalion detachment

-Fog of dreams

Troupe Master (Warlord)
-Harlequins kiss

X2 5 players
-5 Embrace
-Star weaver

X2 10 Kabalites
-Dark lance
-Shock prow

5 Kabalites
-Second Cannon

Heavy Support
X3 Ravager
-Triple dark lance

X2 Voidraven Bomber
-Dark Scythe
-Voidraven missiles

Total: 2000pts


The Harlequin units stick together and provide the buffs to each other. 1 HQ goes in each star weaver with the squad. The Shadowseer gives us access to smite and if fog of dreams works against overwatch it will become fog of memes. Her Aura is good and she's great in every phase. Very solid.  The Troupes gives lots of attacks that reduce armour saves (I'd prefer kiss over embrace but 70pts per squad is a lot!) and something of a multi wound hunter in the Troupe master with the kiss. The Troupe master's aura again seems fantastic and overall he's solid. The Shadowseer is the heart and soul though, which is why this guy is the warlord. Star weavers seem good and mobility and turn 1 protection is what they provide. My only real worry with these guys is that with such a small model count they'll struggle to contest objectives and splitting the two units up seems to weaken them quite a bit, so they might be slightly inflexible. They're also fairly terrible objective holders, simply because they want to charge, not be charged. Which may be a problem considering my next point.

Raiders seem to be the way to go for Kabalite squads IMO, they seem more survivable, have fairly comparable damage output to venom squads at both 24" and 12" and chiefly have more bodies to hold and contest objectives with. The only downside is the 55 pts increase they have on a comparable venom squad which can be seen in my list, as I opted to take a 5 man venom squad simply because I was a bit short on points. Shock prows are probably good but really they're here to make up the points. Would love to hear peoples thoughts on what you see as better between these two squads.

Ravagers are Ravagers are Ravagers. They seem good this edition!

The Voidravens are pricy, but if they both hit the same target with their bombs and scythes they average 9.33 wounds on a T8 vehicle with a 3+ save, (Would love someone to check my math on this please or tell me if I'm wrong in assuming t8 3+ isn't a fair estimation) which I think is great for a turn 1 alpha strike. The reason I'm picking Scythes over Void lances is because with the minimum movement I can see them almost always being within or able to be within 24" of a unit and I believe (Again someone checking my math would appreciated) Against an average t8 3+ vehicle they average slightly worse but with less likelihood of doing little to nothing due to weight of fire and D3 damage on more shots vs D6 damage on less. They also completely outstrip them vs TEQ models. Missiles might be bad and these might die before they even get to use them. I think these guys are fantastic though. Again, any thoughts would be great.
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Kabals and Clowns 2000pts
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