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 Colour- me-in jetbikes!

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Colour- me-in jetbikes! Empty
PostSubject: Colour- me-in jetbikes!   Colour- me-in jetbikes! I_icon_minitimeTue May 30 2017, 19:40

Hi Guys,

A old dark eldar player who made the jump to AoS, but returning in hope 8th is good.

I've started by getting two boxes of 'commorragh' because reavers are the best model in the entire 40K range and i think jetbikes and hellions (and DE in general) can only improve!

Anyway, the gangs box and the game wipeout has inpired my paint scheme, im going race livery for the bikes and hellions and fliers when i get them. The idea being (and good excuse to have varried colours) is to have diffrent 'gangs' in different livery in one army.

To get some thoughts on paper i made a template to colour in on the computer. I've attached the template i've used so people can try out colours themselfs and if a good ones comes up i might steal it Very Happy

template: https://w

I've also attached a Jpeg of examples of three schemes i'm thinking - personally i love the gulf colours!

Schemes: https://w

Lastly, i want to but 'sponcers' on the bikes as watertransfers, does anyones know a good place that can print these (very small), my printers garbage so i'm not going to try myself...

I hope some of you upload some pictures of colour themes! i look forward to seeing them! bounce

- i do appologise in advance for not adding the links correctly, i can't currently and in my enthusiam won't last for 7 days Razz
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Colour- me-in jetbikes! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Colour- me-in jetbikes!   Colour- me-in jetbikes! I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 01 2017, 12:49

Hi. And welcome.

Thanks for the template. I am in the process of painting up some bikes at the moment. I think making the link between wipeout and arena jet bikes is a logical connection to make. I am thinking about using the team Icarus colors for my first batch. I'm going to have a play with this and see what I come up with.
I also like the gulf scheme you have made.
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Colour- me-in jetbikes!
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