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 750 points for first match

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PostSubject: 750 points for first match   750 points for first match I_icon_minitimeThu May 11 2017, 11:56

Greetings Archons,

as I just registered to this forum I'd like to give shout-out to all those people mainting and commenting here. I've been reading through for quite some time and enjoyed all the knowledge which is to be found inside the very walls of Commorragh.

But to the topic now: I recently started playing Warhammer 40k and chose Dark Eldar as an army because of cosmetic reasons. I like a finesse approach, no tanks and motorbikes, so I had rather limited options. But I am really happy with the models now. As I tend to spend much time with modelling, I don't have that big of an army right now. A friend of mine asked me to play him on weekend (probably just kills, but might play with objectives as well) and I'd really appreciate some advice for my upcoming idea of a first list. The models I have at hand (ready to go):

Archon (has an Agonizer and Splinter Pistol)
Succubus (has an Archite Glaive)

20x Kabalite Warriors, 2x Blaster, 1x Splinter Cannon or Dark Lance or Splinter Rifle (not sure what to attach)
9x Wyches, which could also be taken as Lhameans due to not having any special weaponry

Fast Attack:
12x Reavers with 4 Cluster Caltrops and 2 Arena Champions with Agonizers
1x Raider with changeable Weapon

First I wanted to go with the equipped melee Archon, but after I've read through a couple of beginner's lists in the forum I am not convinced about that any more (high points cost for Agonizer + Shadow Field). Also Wyches seem to be really bad right now.

I thought of a list somewhat like this:

HQ - 110
Succubus, 1x Archite Glaive, 1x Armor of Misery, (1x Haywire Grenades)
(alternative Option: Archon with Blaster and maybe Haywire Grenades to go with Kabalites)

Troops - 110 / 95/ 165
10x Kabalite Warriors, 1x Blaster, 1x Splinter Cannon
10x Kabalite Warriors, 1x Blaster
9x Wyches, 1x Raider: Night Shields, Dark Lance

Fast Attack: 151 / 73 / 73
6x Reavers, 2x Cluster Caltrops, (Arena Champion: 1x Agonizer)
3x Reavers, 1x Cluster Caltrops, 1x Blaster
3x Reavers, 1x Cluster Caltrops, 1x Blaster

This will be 777 in total if I calculated it right. So I would aim at 750 points by dropping the Champ+Agonizer and giving a Grenade to the Succubus.
I am aware of the fact that this army will not be that great, as I lack transports for my Troops. I would also drop the blasters on my Reavers as well as the Dark Lance, but I think I need the Darklight. I was even thinking of equipping a Dark Lance for the Kabalites or giving them a Sybarite with Grenade. Do you think a heavy weapon on a Kabalite squad is worth it? I don't like the fact that they cannot move to have good shots anymore and the 36'' range on the Cannon and Dark Lance don't really synergize with the rest of the squad.

My future plans include:
1) Getting Transports for all the Troops. First a third Raider and/or 2 Venoms
2) Throwing the Wyches out (primarily bought them for the bits) and replace them with Grotesques
3) Including 1 or 2 units of Haywire Scourges
4) I really like to Incubi and Mandrake models, so I would love to include them in my army as well. Probably a 3 man Mandrake unit for annoyance purposes as well as a 3 to 4 man Incubi unit in a Venom as a counter assault unit. I'd either take 4 Incubi or 3 Incubi with an HQ, so i stay below the size of 5 for the Rampage

This turns out to bequite a long post with many many questions. I'm sorry if it is confusing. So what would you think of the list as well as my plans?
Thanks for commenting!
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750 points for first match Empty
PostSubject: Re: 750 points for first match   750 points for first match I_icon_minitimeMon May 15 2017, 05:20


I think your current list is overcosted at 772 pts, even without the arena champion /w agoniser or hw nades on succubus. Regardless for 750pts, i'd say with a little adjustment, your current list should be alright for a friendly match.
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750 points for first match
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