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 Kabal of the Darkstar & the Brotherhood of the Serapim

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Kabal of the Darkstar & the Brotherhood of the Serapim Empty
PostSubject: Kabal of the Darkstar & the Brotherhood of the Serapim   Kabal of the Darkstar & the Brotherhood of the Serapim I_icon_minitimeTue May 09 2017, 00:30

I: Kabal of the Dark Star
While every Kabal in Cammoragh is unique in it's own way ultimately to be successful means to copy and steal what works. The Kabal of the Dark Star is an upcoming Kabal that has quickly reached great renown for their more rigid military structure which has allowed them to perfect their raiding techniques and expand their contacts in the dark city to raid larger and larger targets. Contrary to the majority of Dark Eldar a contract drawn up by a member of the Dark Star is ironclad and they will do everything necessary to fulfill it. Once it is agreed upon no amount of bartering, scheming, or backstabbing is allowed. When the Kabal was small and weak they were laughed off as doomed to die in the treacherous city, and they might well have fallen back into typical infighting if it wasn't for their visionary leader.

Mads "The Mutterer" wears a strange mask that is said to be impossible to take off and rumor has spread that he tried to have it removed a long time ago, or perhaps a rival kabal tried to steal it from him. Either way they didn't survive the attempt. His eyes glow red with a frightening gleam at all times and it's said he doesn't sleep or rest ever. He is said to be taken by visions frequently and paces about his room muttering to himself. When asked who he is talking to he says his shadow of course. Which tells him secrets other would die to know. When asked about the mask he once exclaimed it was cursed and any other of the dark kin to wear it would go mad.

Regardless of the myth of Mads one thing is clear. His jntel is flawless and his battle strategy supreme. The few who knew him before the mask say he was already a great strategist who was without peer in the gang wars of the hive. Even then he had his dreams of a new order in the dark eldar society. He feels they have become complacent and weak in their thralldom to the current order of thing. That they could expand instead of simply surviving like parasites in the dark reaches of the webway.  

Even way back in those youthful days he was more trustworthy and often given commands of small groups of gangs for raids. Once he mysteriously got the mask his passions became an obsession that can break people under it in his pursuit to see change in the Dark Kin. He clashed with Vect almost immediately after the Dark Star Kabal started to grow, but his mysterious whispers and murmurings could even unravel the plans of Vect. When Vect would try set an ambush or put him in the front-line of a doomed assault Mads has known and has forewarned his brothers and sisters and even powerful haemonucli who owe him greatly.

At long last with his reliability established Mads could finally turn his plans to truly establishing the Black Star Kabal of today. It took him time beyond time to finally show people that he meant his word. He did an impossible task that seen all those around him realize how serious he is about reform. His first law of the Dark Star. No dark kin of the Dark Star from any of it's many brotherhoods or sisterhoods can attack another. They will unit for a common cause not only on the battlefield but within cammoragh itself. To this end he is the only known kabal with a loose legal system in place to punish those within his ranks harshly and spectacularly. Membership to the Dark Star is for life. Those who leave will instantly be hunted down until the day they die. Nowhere in the galaxy is safe.

The second law the radicalized his group from the others. All contracts once negotiated on will be upheld. To renege on your commitments and contracts is to break the law and incur a penalty on the individual or gangs group in question. The Dark Star do not sign contracts quickly or lightly. Mads is still a son of cammorite and when they get a contract request there is a period of time others can outbid them or cancel their services. These services are typically mercenary in nature, but espionage, assassination, and other clandestine or even artistic contracts are not outside the realm of possibility if a contract can be struck.

Due to their lack of infighting their numbers have swelled substantially. Their extreme skills on and off the battlefield combined with their reliability have caused a big schism in the city. The smaller Kabals do not have the manpower to fight them and if they do they get an overwhelming response from the Dark Star. Those who are defeated are given a chance to join the Kabal by force or die on the spot. New initiates from battles are made to fight their own fellow members in one on one combat. This allows the Kabal to grow even more after every battle. If those who won the first duel do not swear to the laws they are killed instead of being inducted. If they do not fight their own gang members to join they are also killed on the spot.

By the time the other large Kabals became aware of the problem it was too late. The Dark Star's had proven themselves too invaluable and their demand is high for every single raid. Now that they can send out entire Kabal's worth of soldiers at a time on a single raid and keep the lions share of raiding from entire regions of planets their coffers are swelling with excess slaves and they sell back stuff to the city at large further entrenching them as a powerful Kabal.

Coming Soon:

II: Brotherhoods & Sisterhoods of the Kabal

III: Brotherhood of the Seraphim. Mads personal Brotherhood he often leads into battle himself.

IV: Unique Characters

V: The "Formations" of the Kabal that have made them infamous and often imitated by other Kabals.

V: The "Kabal" detachment and it's optional formations. The Structure of the Brotherhood of Seraphim.

VI A glossary of terms, titles, positions used in a "typical" Kabal.


Will proofread later. This is an attempt to make a custom Dark Eldar "Decurian" style detachment. I'm not going to make rules for them (unless asked by a lot of people). I'm mostly a painter and modeler.
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Kabal of the Darkstar & the Brotherhood of the Serapim
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