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 A culmination of "That Guy" stories

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A culmination of "That Guy" stories Empty
PostSubject: A culmination of "That Guy" stories   A culmination of "That Guy" stories I_icon_minitimeWed May 03 2017, 14:53

We all know "That Guy." Most clubs and stores have at least one, be it sleazy stretches of the rules, running a Superheavy in a low point game, or generally just being an annoying [expletive synonym for illegitimate child].

So what's your worst experience with another 40k player?

Naturally, I have one of my own.

It was early in my 40k career, my unpainted, hastily assembled, grey tide of an Archon, 10 Wyches, 10 Kabalites, Two Raiders, and a Squad of Reavers. To give you an idea of my general level of experience, I thought Dark Lances were a good investment in my infantry squad and Torment Grenade Launchers a worthwhile addition to my vehicles.

I had played two games before this, one an introductory game against the friendly and helpful store owner, and the other against a close friend. They were both defeats, but I was having a blast and was really starting to love the hobby.

Then a patron, who we'll call Frank, wanted a game. I was pretty hyped, I had my list down, my three little Reavers and infantry assembled in neat little lines off the field ready for another game, hopefully one I could win this time.

My first warning sign should've been that he refused under any circumstances to roll for the mission type, demanding that we play nothing but straight kill points.

My second warning sign was that he wanted to play on Planet Bowling Ball, only after much debate did he concede to put a singular crater in the middle of the board.

Frank plopped down two Imperial Knights. Throughout the game he made several...questionable interpretations of the rules, that me, being gullible and new didn't even question. After three turns of wholesale slaughter, which included more than one 24" charge, I finally conceded. I was left with a single three man unit of Kabalites quickly fleeing towards my own table edge. I'd inflicted one hull point of damage the entire game.

Afterwards I found out his list was over by at least two hundred and fifty points, he was firing weapons not even in his Codex, and that he'd just made up several special rules.

Needless to say, the owner had a few choice words to say to him, and luckily, he stopped showing up after that.
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A culmination of "That Guy" stories Empty
PostSubject: Re: A culmination of "That Guy" stories   A culmination of "That Guy" stories I_icon_minitimeWed May 03 2017, 15:09

I just don't understand people like that. If he needed to blatantly cheat against a new player using a weak codex then he is seriously bad at this game. You had almost nothing that could even hurt him and yet he still has to cheat to win?

There's nowt as queer as folk, as they say 'oop North (over here in the UK).

A culmination of "That Guy" stories YhBv3Wk
You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting. In what world could you possibly beat me?
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A culmination of "That Guy" stories
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