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 2 of 3 ITC Games

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2 of 3 ITC Games Empty
PostSubject: 2 of 3 ITC Games   2 of 3 ITC Games I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 18 2017, 00:14

First Game vs Demons (new list/player)
Just a guest of what the list:
3 full unit of Screamers of Tzeentch
9 three unit Exalted Flamers of Tzeentch
1 full unit of Pink Horrors
Three other unit types on his list that never got to see

Waited for what felt like 30 minutes for player to roll up psychic power
15 min for his deployment think my was around 10.

Top Turn 1 Demons.
Movement was fairly simple with only 3 units on the table. Psychic phase starts of with asking how does a power works. Am like “Dark Eldar don’t have psychics so guess well have to look it up.” Turns out to be some type of torrent flamer and then after that a 3D6 S6 shots. DE jinked most the multi-shots. Torrent killed troops but didn’t damage the raiders. Shooting phase Screamers flat out behind terrain.

Bottom Turn 1 Dark Eldar
Move up to objectives. Shooting phase was quick. Shot at what models that were not hidden then flat out some vehicles to start for linebreaker.

Top Turn 2 Demons
6 Exalted Flamers come down. Two Screamers units move up, the other took chase after my line breakers. Psychic phase was mostly fails. One torrent flamer was manifested. Don’t remember if was Psychic phase or shooting phase but full unit of Pink Horrors were on the table. Shooting phase was a round of no-escape central. Each exalted flamers unit averaging 13 wounds. One Screamer unit assaulted a raider and destroyed it. Two remaining Wyches jumped out and were pinned. Screamers assaulted one of the linebreakers and destroyed it.

Bottom Turn 2 Dark Eldar
Tight for space moved the purge coterie formation up towards the Pink Horrors. Jet bikes moved up to assault position against Exalted Flamers on a objective. At this point was hopping to get many table objectives and not worry about the maelstroms. First time facing the Pink Horrors didn’t know that would of been better to just leave them alone. Yet the Purge Coterie Formation took out the full unit during the shooting phase and Blue Horrors appeared in their place afterwards. Another unit flat out for line breaker. Jet bikes assaulted the Exalted and three made it after overwatch. Combat did not go well and two Exalted still lived.

Top Turn 3 Demons
3 remaining Exalted arrive from deep strike. Screamers and Exalted move up to Raiders and Venoms. Don’t remember psychic phase. Shooting phase flamers glance out few raiders on objectives. The Exalted that didn’t deep strike assaulted near by raiders. Screamers in the back assaulted a Venom.

Bottom Turn 3 Dark Eldar
Time was called. Don’t remember what I had rolled for maelstroms but I was down two objective markers for table. All that was left is to complete line breaker.

Demons 16
Dark Eldar 1

Second Game vs Ynnead Harlequins (another new list/player)
Just a guest of what the list:
2 Harlequin Troops
1 Shadowseer
1 Solitaire
2 Death Jesters
1 Farseer with 3 jetbike models
2 small unit of Skyweavers
4 Star or Voidweavers

Deployment was quick for both sides.

Top Turn 1 Ynnead
Moved up with jump pack and got the relic. Moved other units into firing position. Psychic phase inadvisable was denied. Shooting phase most shots were jinked. One or two DE Raiders were stun. Player forgot about Soulburst during shooting.

Bottom Turn 1 Dark Eldar
Move up third of the units. Shifted the Purge Coterie to side and lined up with the Farseer (warlord). Shooting phase another third of units flatted out for linebreaker. Instant death Shadowseer or Solitaire with Dark Lance shot. Most of the other targets were missed or Jinked well. One target used a smoke screen of some sort.

Top Turn 2 Ynnead
Harlequin Troops move up. A model passes off the Relic to Death Jester. Think I lost one or two raiders during their shooting phase. Player forgot psychic phase. Assault phase a Harlequin troop assaulted a Wych Raider, and another assaulted my Reavers. Lost the raider in assault. Reavers held with three models after hammer of wraths but died out in iniative 5. Harlequins were using some wargear that gave them D3 hammer of wraths at S6?

Bottom Turn 2 Dark Eldar
Purge Coterie move up for optimal fire on the Farseer. Moved another wych raider up but tail end snagged terrain and imobilzed it. Moved a Venom onto the opponets back objective marker. Shooting phase the Purge Coterie lit up the Farseer and unit. Most of the other Jinked Raiders were less effective in shooting and the opponet used the smoke screen on the other three vehichels. Killed a Death Jester camping out in some trees. Killed a Skyweaver. Wyches assaulted the Harlequin Troops and lost combat. Harlequin troops with soulburst boost headed towards my deployment objective marker.

Top Turn 3 Ynnead
Death Jester with objective tried to move back but the ruins slowed it down. Harlequins from the Wych assault moved closer to Warrior unit in trees from destroyed Raider. Reaver assault Harlequins moved into position for another raider. Skyweavers moved towards the linebreakers. Shooting phase the Venom on the objective was destroyed and the Lhamaean in jumped into terrain. Think a raider was shot up. Skyweavers Assault phase the Harlequins charged the warriors and killed them. Skyweavers assaulted a Venom but did no damage.

Bottom Turn 3 Dark Eldar
Wyches disembarked from immobilized Raider towards the Death Jester with Relic. Linebreaker Wyches disembarked into terrain to cut off the Death Jesters escape rout. Their Raider moved on to be with in 12” for line breaker. Linebreaker Venom turn to face the Skyweavers. Shooting phase think the Purge Coterie shot up the Harequins killed the Reavers. Linebraker Venom killed the Skyweavers. Linebraker Wyches ran and spred out in the terrain. Immobilized Raider Wyches made 10” charge into the Death Jester holding the Relic killing him.

Ynnead Harlequins 8
Dark Eldar 9

Third Game vs Militarum Tempestus Scions w/Saint Celestine
(in the works, old brain trying to remember)
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2 of 3 ITC Games
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