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 Shadow War Kill Team

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PostSubject: Shadow War Kill Team   Shadow War Kill Team I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 07 2017, 18:44

Siren: Shard net & Impaler 185points
Blood Bride: Hydra Gauntlets, Mirror Helm: 150
Blood Bride: Hydra Gauntlets, Mirror Helm: 150

Wych: Plasma Grenade: 105
Wych: Splinter Pistol: 100
Wych: Splinter Pistol: 100

Debutante: 70
Debutante: 70
Debutante: 70

Strategy: 9 bodies means 3 have to be down for bottle tests to start
Debutantes act as meat shields, and if they last 3 games they upgrade to wyches
two wyches with splinter pistols for pinning enemy specialists
wych with grenades for modeling fun and attacking clusters of meat sheilds
bloodbrides have two attacks, so on a bad roll I want them to have the parry option
Siren has 3 attacks so less likely to roll awful. Her shardnet acts as a defensive measure to prevent enemies from being able to really hurt her, and also if she removes their sword its effectively unparryable

As long as I haven't lost anyone after my first game, I'll be able to spend my 100 points on uping my wyches so they have venom chain hooks. Rn tho, they don't seem as important as having specialists bought and range support options

“No. Stop. Don’t go in there. You’ll all be killed,’ Motley murmured sardonically”
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Shadow War Kill Team
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