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 2049 List

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PostSubject: 2049 List   2049 List I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 01 2017, 00:10

So running a planetary campaign. Down to my last tile and attacking Imperial Fists. So far the Imperial Fist player has been a gear head. Runs squads of predators, vindicators and the skyfire ones too. Recent addition is a Imperial Knight and one more flyer making three total.

Lists are 1850 and based on planetary assault detachments.
Opponent has more tiles than me, so that boost my points to 2050.

6 units of 5 scourges with haywire blasters
2 units of voidraven bombers, stock
3 units of 5 kabalite warriors, sybarite w/haywire, blaster, dedicated: venom
2 units of 5 kabalite warriors, sybarite w/haywire, blaster, dedicated: raider
1 unit of two talos w/twin-link haywire blaster

Then I have The Vile (archon) and her Emasculators (trueborn) 2x agonizers, armor of misery, phantasm gl, soul trap, plasma, haywire, 4x shredders and one splinter cannon. Two options with this unit. Option 1, strip the gear from the trueborn and upgrade The Vile as Lilith. 2 up armor centurions and terminators kept The Vile in combat for three rounds last time before she died. Option 2, drop The Vile and Emasculators for a Lhamaean, 1 more venom blaster warriors, 1 more raider blaster warriors.

Normally run The Vile in the list because thats how old and sentimental I am.
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PostSubject: Re: 2049 List   2049 List I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 03 2017, 22:33

Option 1. Down to your last tile, archon should go down with her ship, or murder her way out.

Also, jealous of your scourges, 6 units!!!

“No. Stop. Don’t go in there. You’ll all be killed,’ Motley murmured sardonically”
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2049 List
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