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 1850pt Ynnari

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PostSubject: 1850pt Ynnari   1850pt Ynnari I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 21 2017, 14:12

So I have GT coming up in June, and would like to iron a list out for it so I can paint and build everything I need. Let me know what you guys think of this:

Reborn Warhost:
Autarch, Bike, Fusion Gun, Lance, Banshee Mask- 110
Archon, Blaster, Haywire, Hungering Blade, WWP- 130

x5 Wraithguard- 160

x5 Warriors, Blaster, Syrabite w/ Haywire, Venom- 135
x5 Warriors, Blaster, Syrabite w/ Haywire, Venom- 135
x5 Warriors, Blaster, Syrabite w/ Haywire, Venom- 135

D-Cannon- 55
D-Cannon- 55
x2 Shadow Weavers- 60

Yncarne- 275

Ynnead's Net
x1 Warlock, Bike, Spear- 55
x5 Winder Riders, x5 Scatter Lasers- 135
x3 Sky Weavers, x3 Cannons, x3 Glaives- 180
x9 Reavers, Champion w/ Caltrops, x2 Caltrops, x3 Heat Lances- 229

The thought is to put the Autarch and Archon with the Wraithguard. They WWP in blow up a vehicle of GMC and then Soulburst to kill another. I can lead with Autarch and hopefully soak some wounds with his 3+/4++ and then when he dies allow for the Wraithguard to Soulburst again to something useful.

I know Warriors and Venoms are not seen as the most competitive for Ynnari, but I wanted the Poison shots at range and the versatility of the Warriors. Also, people love shooting and blowing up Venoms. Because of this I will park them near the Artillery so they can Soulburst upon the Venoms' death and throw out some D-Cannon shots or some Shadow Weaver goodness. I have thought about dropping one of the Venom squads to fill the artillery out more by adding 2 more D-Cannons and another Shadow Weaver, but I will try this out first before going to that.

I actually believe the Wraithknight to be better in this list than the Yncarne, but I have been building and painting her and she is something I want to use in the army. I like the Revenant tree and he ability to give my bike units Fearless and FnP when she arrives by them.

The Net formation is something I want to try out and see how it works. I ntheory it should enable my larger bike squads to come in close to one another and Soulburst off of deaths from the multiple shots I have from the squads.

One question I have is about the Archon. He is a WWP caddie and there to help throw a HWG or shoot a Blaster as well. The Hungering Blade was a 15pt item b/c I had points left. Should I swap the Archon for a Succubus with the same set up minus the Blaster? She is a bigger melee deterrent b/c of the better statline but still not much of a threat otherwise. She can still throw a HWG but loses the Blaster shot which could be useful in a tight spot, so what are your thoughts on that?

So there it is. Let me know what you guys think. Appreciate the feedback.
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PostSubject: Re: 1850pt Ynnari   1850pt Ynnari I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 21 2017, 23:21

Personally I would lose the sybarite from each Venom squad as you want them to stay back and pour our Venom not get within 8 inches to chuck the grenade. Then lose the grenade on the Archon to give the wraithguard d scythes so that anything they look at will pretty much die. You only lose 4 inches effective range but will potentially get many more shots meaning your also effective against large blobs

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1850pt Ynnari
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