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 1500pt Dark Corsairs

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PostSubject: 1500pt Dark Corsairs   1500pt Dark Corsairs I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 01 2017, 00:11

Hey there folks. Been designing a DE and Corsairs army for some time now, and with the new Ynnari rules I thought I would see what this new faction can do for me. I wanted to bring back the old Wraithguard in Raiders/WWP, but keep my drug addled biker boss and retinue. All C&C welcome.

---Primary Detachment (Corsair)---

--Prince: Void Saber, Shadowfield, Jetbike
-Baron: Brace of Pistols, Jetpack

--2x5 Reavers: Brace of Pistols x3, Flamer x2, Jetpack

---Secondary Detachment (Ynnari)

--Autarch: Jetbike, Shard of Anaris, Banshee Mask
-Archon: WWP, Shadowfield

--5x Wraithguard: D-Scyth

--2x5 Kabalites: Venom (Cannon)

:Fast Attack:
-- 6x Reavers: 2x Cluster Caltrops,
-Razorwing: Cannon, Lances
-Razorwing: Cannon, Lances


The idea behind the list is to hide bikers, and potentially Venoms, behind cover till the enemy spreads out or opens up weaker units for attack. Autarch will be helping to bring in fighters to bomb enemy units, taking care of infantry while lending help towards Soulburst actions for near by venoms and bikers; subsiquently going FMC/Tank hunting. Jetpack Reavers drop on objectives and clear troops, aided by skyburners/Autarch buff and their shoot-move ability. Reaver Jetbikes zoom around smashing light vehicles and smaller squads. The Wraithguard pop on the field from WWP and proceed to evaporate vehicles and TEQ units with aid from Soulburst. The Prince was going to hang with the Autarch and Reavers, but using the Ynnari faction keeps me from allowing them to use Soulburst, so the Prince is on solo duty??

I know I'm low on ObSec units, and rely on Wraithguard to cover heavy AT for the most part. Thoughts and suggestions?

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1500pt Dark Corsairs
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