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 First army, 1000 points

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Keast Kannegaard
Keast Kannegaard

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PostSubject: First army, 1000 points   First army, 1000 points I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 25 2017, 19:03

After been looking a bit around on the forum, and looking through the Dark Eldar Codex to try and understand, why people advise the different units, I think came to a list, I want to run, but would ofc like to know, if I missed something, or its just plain bad^^'
Atm I only own the Dark Eldar Codex, as the rulebook hasn't arrived yet-.-' (got an old 3th edition rulebook tho, never played tho), so I actually don't, know what CAD actually does compared to any of the other formations and detachments, but seems like the most recommended. Used BattleScribe to calc. the points and to make sure I didn't miss any needed units, or I went overboard with some units.


1x1 Lhamaean + Venom (Splinter Cannon) 75 Points

4x4 Kabalite Warriors + 1 Sybarite (Haywire Grenade) + 1 Venom (Splinter Cannon) [4x120] 480 Points

Fast Attack:
3x3 Reavers (Cluster Caltrops) [3x63] 189 Points

Heavy Support:
2x2 Ravagers (3x Dark Lances) [2x125] 250 Points

Total: 994 Points

As I'm entirely new to 40k, I tried to keep the different unit types down to as few as possible, till I learned the rules and basic tactics.
I'm aware, I lack melee, but with the limit that I kinda want to keep the unit type low, to not get overwhelmed by all the different rules, that's something I just have to accept for now. Also aware of I have 6 points, I could use on a Chain-Snares or Enhanced Aethersails, but that's just more rules to keep track of, which is what I'm trying to avoid for now.
I do have 5 Scourges (looked cool and the gf wanted to try and paint them), a Razerwing (looks awesome), 1 Archon (start box) and 2 Raiders (got them in some of the boxes).
Might try and "convert" the crew members from the Venoms to playable Wyches, so I don't have to buy those, or buy too many of them.

Now a bit further down the road, I plan to expand the list with a Grotesquerie or/and a Dark Artisan formation, mostly based on what I read on the forum (don't have the coven book), and possible add the Razorwing and Scourges to the army.

Does this sound like an okay list or did I overlook something? And is the future plan of the list any good?
Aiming for a core that works and from there try out stuff, when I can afford the models:)
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PostSubject: Re: First army, 1000 points   First army, 1000 points I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 25 2017, 19:41

You're fine! Go out and lose a bunch as that looks like a perfectly fine list to go out and lose a bunch on because then you'll start winning. By that I mean this is an excellent learners list where you'll be able to feel why and where you are losing without any waste hindering you. BTW Reavers are absolutely melee units as you've built them so you'll be exposing yourself to the assault phase as well.

I'd hang on to the scourges and the razorwing until you find yourself in need of either more anti-vehicle in which case add the scourges or more anti-infantry where you will add the razorwing. Future plan looks good though don't buy grotesques. Buy 2 AoS crypt horrors/varghiests and 2 talos kits. Build A talos and a cronos and use the spare bits and the crypt horrors to kitbash your grotesques. I assume this is what you intend to do as this builds the specific formations you've mentioned.
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PostSubject: Re: First army, 1000 points   First army, 1000 points I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 25 2017, 20:11

Great start. if you want to play well, that is a good choice of models.

If you're going to get any AT on the kabs, get the blaster first. It synergises better with their main role.
Lance ravagers are overestimated. they are overpriced AT. Dissie ravagers are excellent against meta tau, meq and teq.

but really, play what you think is cool. If you don't, you're missing half the fun. Wink

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PostSubject: Re: First army, 1000 points   First army, 1000 points I_icon_minitime

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First army, 1000 points
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