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 2k Reborn Warhost (with all 3 Kins)

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2k Reborn Warhost (with all 3 Kins) Empty
PostSubject: 2k Reborn Warhost (with all 3 Kins)   2k Reborn Warhost (with all 3 Kins) I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 19 2017, 16:57

So i want to play a higher tier competitive "Fun" list, if i was going to go all out I would just take WK 2xD 6 units of scatbikes and seer's/farseers (I even know how to get 1st turn 2 WK shots off) But i want a "fun" list that can still do good work, let me know what you think.

2 Detachments, i need 2 b.c of the Fast Attack Slots are full, in the future i might remove a few Harlequin Models for Farseers/Seers so i would need 2 detachments then as well.

The worst part about my list is the 7 unit limit for 2 actions, i would LOVE to get all this in 1 detachment, but dedicated transports wont workout the way i want the too. if you see something i don't let me know please.

Why Melee knight you ask? B.c I love the idea of the ability to get a 2nd movement and turn 1 charge, so 2 turn 2 charges (sense stomp in Int 1 but the WK is Int 5, so I can kill something small with the Glaive then charge and Stomp unit 2). The Perfect game would be: Turn 1 Move>Move>Charge, turn 2 Move>Charge>Charge repeat turn 3 (if not dead).

2,000 points
Detachment One

Autarch: Banshee Mask Goes with a Harlequin unit has
Shadowseer: Lv2 Goes with Harlequins
Shadowseer: Lv2 Goes with Harlequins
Fire Dragons x5 Uses Starweaver
Troupes x7: 4x Caress, 3x Embrace
Troupes x7: 3x Caress, 4x Embrace
Starweaver (Fast Attack)
Raider < Harlequins
Raider < Harlequins

Detachment Two:

Archon: WWP Use with Wraitguard
Lhameans Helps with 7 unit limit and a free kill for Soulburst action
Wraithguard x5: D-Scythes
Windriders x3: 3x Scatter Lasers
Windriders x3: 3x Scatter Lasers
Windriders x3: 3x Scatter Lasers
Windriders x3: 3x Scatter Lasers
Reavers x9: 3x Caltrops
Wraithknight : Melee

New to Blogging, just starting

Drukhari: 10k+
SoB: 3k
AoS: BoC 9k, CoS 3k
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2k Reborn Warhost (with all 3 Kins)
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