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 1850p FLUFFY Dark Eldar list, NO Talos!

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1850p FLUFFY Dark Eldar list, NO Talos! Empty
PostSubject: 1850p FLUFFY Dark Eldar list, NO Talos!   1850p FLUFFY Dark Eldar list, NO Talos! I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 08 2017, 16:53

Had a blast yesterday, i was runnin a fluffy list, with no Talos! I got some very dusty units off the shelf, like Hellions, Wyches and tested for the first time Clawed fiends. I also ran a Raider filled with Warriors and a cannon, i always use just Venoms...full list here :

Lelith Hesperax (rolled with her Wyches)

8 x Incubi + Klaivex
Raider (NS, DL)

10 x Warriors (Splinter Cannon)
Raider (NS, DL, Racks)

5 x Warrior (Blaster)
Venom (dual Cannons)

5 x Warrior (Blaster)
Venom (dual Cannons)

9 x Wyches
Raider (NS, DL)

9 x Hellions + Helliarch

6 x Reavers (2 x Cluster & Blaster)

3 x Clawed Fiend + Beastmaster



5 x Grot + Aberration (Scissorhand)
3 x Grot
Haemie (WWP, Scissorhand, Stinger Pistol)

My opponent first said, he was gonna play Mahrines, but changed his army to Orks! That was like the best opponent i could have wished, cos i had Lelith, Incubi, Grots, Reavers, Wyches, so it was on! We played Supremacy cards (6 on first turn and down from that as the game goes on) and in the end the objectives were worth a point each. My opponent had a terrible luck with his three vehicles, they ALL immobilized themselves on turn 1! The game progressed nicely, it was 10-9 after two rounds, but then i scored 5 points by killing an HQ in the assault with Lelith (she challenged and Ghazgull showed the Painboy in Laughing) cuttin him to pieces before one hit from the claw and a 2 from the dice ended her...i won the game after turn 6 something about 17-10. Lelith should be Eternal Warrior, now she's pretty useless after S6 (and up) hits start coming in. Clawed fiends with WS3 is somewhat in the lines of "What?" Now i'm starting to regret building them. Hellions..."sigh" more option to get them as Troops = useless, unless very FLUFFY games. Grots rule, all thou they came in turn 4 and only killed a truck and one boy unit.

All and all, fun change to play fluffy games, gonna keep that going on for a while

- Lost Vyper
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1850p FLUFFY Dark Eldar list, NO Talos!
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