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 500 point Purge Coterie

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500 point Purge Coterie Empty
PostSubject: 500 point Purge Coterie   500 point Purge Coterie I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 05 2017, 20:45

Hey everybody,
I've decided to begin building my first dark eldar force using the Start Collecting box as a base. This is the list I have come up with:

Purge Coterie

Kabalite warriors
     5x additional Warriors
     1x Sybarite with haywire grenades
     1x Blaster
     1x Splinter Cannon
     Total: 125 pts

Raider (dedicated to warriors)
     Night Shields
     Splinter racks
     Total: 85 pts

Reaver Jetbikes
     Cluster Caltrops
     Total: 73 pts

     Total: 75 pts

Venom (dedicated to Archon)
     Splinter Cannon
     Total: 65 pts

Court of the Archon
     Total: 10 pts

Venom (dedicated to the Court)
     Splinter cannon
     Total: 65 pts

Grand Total: 498 pts

How does this look as a first list? Is it worth taking the Lhamean just so I can stick another venom in, or should I use those points to make my Archon better?
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500 point Purge Coterie Empty
PostSubject: Re: 500 point Purge Coterie   500 point Purge Coterie I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 06 2017, 05:20

Good first start. I can tell you put a lot of thought into it. Sadly, I think you're making the same big mistake that many starting Deldar players make when building armies. That is taking raiders. I know they seem alluring because you associate them with the Eldar jetbikes but there is actually much better alternatives. Remember that Deldar are not they're own entity and should not be played with a basis to an Eldar play style. It's like how you should play CSMs different that Space Marines.

I included a good reference picture I found awhile back that lays out good alternatives. That should give you some solid advice.

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500 point Purge Coterie
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