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 2500 points Covens+Realspace Raider

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2500 points Covens+Realspace Raider Empty
PostSubject: 2500 points Covens+Realspace Raider   2500 points Covens+Realspace Raider I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 05 2017, 20:35

So, a few days back, I had a 1500-point game against Tau. I took this list:
2x3 Grotesques w/Raiders (Enhanced Aethersails)
4x3 Reaver Jetbikes w/Cluster Caltrops
2x5 Kabalite Warriors in a dual-SC Venom
2xRazorwing Jetfighters, Dissies and SC
3x Ravagers, 2xtriple DL, 1x triple Dissies

The game went super well, I had him down to a riptide with two wounds left and two sqads of Grotesques in charging range, five Pathfinders and a squad of Crisis Suits in reserve after 3 turns, when we regrettably had to stop early. Points-wise I was leading by a bit too, but probably would've been able to get a substantial lead by turn 5.

We have decided to play again next week (again Dark Eldar vs Tau), but up the points to 2500. I thought of a list on my way home from work today:

1) Realspace Raiders Detachment


5 Kabalite Warriors, Transport: Venom w/ Splinter Cannon
5 Kabalite Warriors, Transport: Venom w/ Splinter Cannon

5 Scourges w/ 4 Haywire Blasters
5 Scourges w/ 4 Heat Lances
6 Reavers w/ 2 Cluster Caltrops
6 Reavers w/ 2 Cluster Caltrops
6 Reavers w/ 2 Cluster Caltrops
6 Reavers w/ 2 Cluster Caltrops

1 Ravager w/ triple Dark Lances

2) Coven Formations:

a) Corpsethief Claw: 5 Talos (Splinter Cannons)

b) Dark Artisan: 1 Talos (Splinter Cannon), 1 Cronos, 1 Haemonculus

c) Grotesquerie: 2x 4 Grotesques in Raiders w/ Enhanced Aethersails, 1 Haemonculus

I reach 2499 points with this list, so pretty good imo. Here's how I thought it would work:

Kabalites because I need them for the Detachment
Scourges: Haywire blasters against tanks, chances are he'll take a transport for his infantry. I really want to use a second squad because I love the models, but not sure what to equip them with.
Reavers to zoom around and pose a permanent threat around his battle-suits. I want to try 6 because last game, on two different charges overwatch killed two of three reavers :(
Ravager to lay down some good AP-2 shots. They were pretty useful last game
Archon is meant to join one of the unit of Grotesques to boost their Leadership. The Haemonculus from the Grotesquerie will join the other Grot unit for the same purpose.
All the Coven formations just because they're (literally) mosnters in close combat. Which is where Tau go to die :D

Now, my questions to you, fellow denizens of the Dark City:
What do you think of my list in general? I'm trying to go for some variety, in part because it looks nice on the table, but also because I enjoy using different models in a game, to keep it interesting.
Regarding the Scourges: What should I equip the second squad with?
Coven formations in general: I've never used them before. How do you use your Dark Artisan and Corpsethief Claw? Grotesquerie seems pretty straightforward: charge in quickly on raiders. The reason I'm asking for the others is because they're lumbering beasts that'll probably take 3 turns to get into combat, and I want to get there as whole as possible.

For all those who read all the way to here, thanks for staying for the whole long post :D
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2500 points Covens+Realspace Raider
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