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 1850p Wraith Host/Eldar CAD/Dark Eldar allies...

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1850p Wraith Host/Eldar CAD/Dark Eldar allies... Empty
PostSubject: 1850p Wraith Host/Eldar CAD/Dark Eldar allies...   1850p Wraith Host/Eldar CAD/Dark Eldar allies... I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 27 2017, 08:56

Hey ya´ll!

One of the guys at the FLGC asked, if i can spar against him on last weeks Tuesday, because he´s going in to a tournament (1850p) this weekend. I knew he plays War Convocation, so my regular Dark Eldar list couldn´t even scratch the paint of that knew there would be at least one Imperial Knight, so on with the D we go! . I started the list, with a simple Eldar CAD, Farseer + 2 x Scat Bikes (cos, that IS the best way to go), then i added the Wraith Host and took only one unit with the "vacuum cleaners" aka D-Scythes mainly for the punching power of the Heavy Wraith cannons and cos the dudes´ll have Battle Focus. Of course, Archon with WWP for that annoying "I´m gonna drop right there..." joined with some WG´s...Venom & Warriors filled the Troop slot. Stock Knight and the Wraithlord...oh, how the times have used to be "Watch out for the Meltas!", now it´s like "Oh, you got Grav? I´ll just take him off the table now..."

Well, here´s the list :


Farseer (Bike,SS)
2 x 3 x Scatter Bikes

5 x Wraith Guard (D-Scythes) + Wave Serpent (Lance)
5 x Wraith Guard + Wave Serpent (Lance)
5 x Wraith Guard
Wraithlord (duel BL, dual Flamer,Ghostglaive)
Wraithknight (2x Heavy Wraith Cannon)

Archon (WWP, Haywire,Shadowfield, Blaster)
5 x Warriors (Blaster) + Venom (dual Cannons)

GAME 1. War Convocation

Well, this was the game i designed my army for, cos i wanted to present a real threat for his list, cos what´s the point in sparring, if i bring a weak list? He had still almost two weeks to tweak his list, if he didn´t like something in it.
Well, after two rounds, we had both obliterated about 1000p from each other (he had two Knights by the way...) his Grav killing my Wraith units and my Wraiths blowing up his knights. Poison works wonders against units with 4+ armor and my Dark Eldar had a pivotal roll on disposing his smaller units. In the end, i won the game with a solid 18-2 score. We had Malestrom, Eternal War, Kill points and the Slay the Warlord, Line breaker, First Blood. He had a Dune crawler (or some sort of a walker), his Warlord and few rangers(?) on the table. I had all my Dark Eldar(!), Scat bikes and my Warlord left. The D did it´s thing and so did his Grav. We discussed after the game, that both of those are so big things and some very (almost) immobile units this list rocked, but then there was the last Tuesday...

GAME 2. Genestealer Cult

Same thing, another dude wanted to test his list and i decided to keep mine as the same, thinking, how would this list do if i went to the tournament? We didn´t use the tournament rules this time (his choice), he just wanted to see his units in action and how they work on the battlefield. I lost the game (Supremacy Cards) mainly due to the fact that 1. He stole the inititative 2. I got six cards on the first turn and couldn´t do a single one 3. Sheer amount of units against my few hard hitting stuff just couldn´t do it. I had to hide my WK in the top level of a ruin, cos of the Cult Ambush and he had rolled a 6 on the Warlord Trait with 20 Genestealers + the boss...scary stuff...i had my WK and my Warlord on a bike left after turn 5. We had decided, that the objectives were 2p each in the end of the game and thats the reason number 4, why i lost. I was in solid lead on the Supremacy points. If the objectives were 1p, i could have won! Well, it was a nice notification, that if you have a single trick pony list, s*** happens Smile...

Hadn´t played with Eldar in a while and these games reminded me, why i prefer Dark Eldar now-a-dayz, nothing OP, just bring the pain!

- Lost Vyper
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1850p Wraith Host/Eldar CAD/Dark Eldar allies...
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