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 1100 pts tournament with DA

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1100 pts tournament with DA Empty
PostSubject: 1100 pts tournament with DA   1100 pts tournament with DA I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 22 2017, 10:49

Hi guys! I am preparing fore 1100pts tournament. My comunity plays mostly SM of any kind, few Orks and Imperial Guard. There are some house rules like: max FNP 4+, max inv 3+, no SH/Gargantuan, max 2 detachmets/formationts (can't be the same). We will be playing Maelstorm Objectives. I was Thinkng of using DA from covens, what do you think abut that idea? My list would be something like that:

Cronos + Spirit Probe
Talos + linked Heat Lance, Inchor Injector
Hemmy + WWP, Sindriq's Sump, Flash Gountlet - Warlord

Lhamean + Venom 2x SC's
2x 3 Mandrakes
3x 5 Kabalites + Venom 2x SC's
2x 3 Reavers + CC
5 Scourges (4 HWB)

Total 1093

Any thoughts about that list?
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1100 pts tournament with DA Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1100 pts tournament with DA   1100 pts tournament with DA I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 22 2017, 14:32

I like the idea of the DA, since they tend to melt MEQ fairly well. You will be facing a lot of Grav though, and quite possibly a few Grav Bike lists who can run circles around the DA and just Grav you to death.

Because of this, I would keeping the DA as lean as possible. So keep the Spirit Probe, WWP, and maybe the Sump if your (black) heart is set on it.

Otherwise you will need units to "pin" bikes in place. Your reavers can do this, but will not be able to traid blows for multiple combats with only units of 3 (SM bikes generally come in units of 5).

I generally like the HWB on the scourges, but they are not a stand alone unit. They are good at stripping the last few HP off a vehicle, but not taking things out on their own. For utility I would recomend the Heat Lances, since they can KILL vehicles in one volley, and also take out 2+ armor (which only the DA can really take on).

Thats my $0.02 anyway. Certainly a good start. I like the mandrakes for objective grabbing/ harassing firewarriors/necron warriors
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1100 pts tournament with DA
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