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 Some noob questions

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PostSubject: Re: Some noob questions   Some noob questions - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 19 2017, 22:57

Look, they are LD4 and fearless. Its not like they self destruct like in the last edition. Sure Psychic scream is going to frak you up. However, with the 6" -5 LD bubble that you can get from mask of shadows, armour of misery and freakish spectacle. LD4 should be a tonne better than what you are smacking around... Just don't forget FEAR

it's not that hard to hop a haemie or clown out to help out wiht their leaderships though. I wouldnt bother, think of the transport as being more valuable than it's troops and it shouldn't be an issue.

things like psychic scream are going to mess them up though. Do witchfires affect the occupants of a transport? Nope (had to check), so don't leave them on the ground in the open and you should be ok.
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Some noob questions
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