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 Returning to Commorragh

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PostSubject: Returning to Commorragh   Returning to Commorragh I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 27 2016, 08:12

Hey guys,

Been away from the hobby for a while; Came back to see the new start collecting formation.
It seems ok? I mean according to BS you can take Trueborn over Kabalites..

I mean The Archon and The Raider are I guess kind of a tax so- What I was thinking of doing was sticking one half of the Grotesquery with The Archon in That Raider. Haemmy doing the same in the other half - Usual Webway fun.

Also its not like I wouldn't be taking Reaver bikes or BlasterBorn    

I know this isn't the list section of the forum but what Ive pieced together comes at around 1500
includes the Purge Coterie + Grotesquery + CAD(3x5 Kabs in Venoms and Lham in Venom) = Each about 450 pts

If you guys were to bump it up to 1850 what are some "Must haves"
I was thinking

..more Kabs in Venoms

How does everyone feel about the Heros Path (Jester, Solitaire, Seer) ?
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PostSubject: Re: Returning to Commorragh   Returning to Commorragh I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 27 2016, 09:15

Yep, you're right. This fits more into the army lists section but whatever, I bet a mod can relocate it no problem.

The Start Collecting formation is okay... if the 2 detachments max. limit wasnt so common in tornaments (at least in my country). A couple things you may not have noticed before you try to make a list around that concept:

1. Since the last FAQ, the archon cant choose a target if hes embarked in a vehicle. This is the biggest let down of this formation.
2. The Archon gives preferred enemy to the rest of the formation, but doesnt benefit from it himself.
3. The Raider is not specified to be a designated transport of anything else in the formation, what means kabalite warriors and the archon himself can pick up a designated transport of their own (dual splinter cannon venoms)
4. As the formation includes an archon, per the rule Retainers you can pick up a court of the archon as a part of the formation. This is important for two things:
a) you can have another dual splinter cannon venom with preferred enemy
b) If the archon joins the court unit and chooses a target, he himself benefits from the preferred enemy he transmited to the formation, as it is one of the USRs that passes on from unit to IC and viceversa. If you're going this route I reccommend Ssliz.
5. You already know this but Trueborn are an upgrade to Kabalite Warriors and thus can be taken in their place.

If you double down on this formation you have a solid core army consisting of 6 venoms, 2 units of reaver jetbikes with cluster caltrops and maybe a cuple blasters/heat lances, 2 blasterborn units and two decent close combat units in the form of Archon + Ssliz that can take the empty raider as a transport.

You can round up this composition as you like. Corpsethief claw would be a good bet, a couple grotesqueries maybe. Harlequin allies... its up to you.

It may be not the most competitive list Dark Eldar can put on the table, but it will definetly be fun. 6 venoms with preferred enemy is nothing to laugh at.

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Returning to Commorragh
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