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 New to DE, 1000 points to deal with nids

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New to DE, 1000 points to deal with nids Empty
PostSubject: New to DE, 1000 points to deal with nids   New to DE, 1000 points to deal with nids I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 27 2016, 15:16

So i have played almost every army but DE, i never played against them due to everybody saying to back off from them because they were bad. I watched battle reports, and had a change of heart. I thought they were cool looking but had no idea how to deal with the culture stock of the army. I love the wyches and would love to run a army of them but here is the thing.

I have only won maybe 3 to 4 games ever in my few years of players...

No army stuck with me until i read the DE goodness. But the issue is, how do i get a 1000 points of wyches and raiders and somehow survive. i bought a SC box to get started. but i need a opinion on what to get. My main enemy is nids and tau, but tau is a sometime thing.

So can i get a hand?
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New to DE, 1000 points to deal with nids Empty
PostSubject: Re: New to DE, 1000 points to deal with nids   New to DE, 1000 points to deal with nids I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 28 2016, 03:00

I'm going to be brutal here. Wyches are okay in very small units because they can act as stumbling blocks for a reasonable price and blockades to assault units. I do not find a lot of value in them otherwise.

At 1K I would consider them to be a bit stronger. Long term the expenditure wont be worthwhile though.

The Succubus with Archite Glave packs a lot of punch but that has nothing to wo with Wych's directly.

At 1K the rest of the army can hide the deficiencies of the Wych's by using Disintegrator Cannons on the enemy to soften them to the point that 5 Wych's can be quite effective at tying them up or even winning. Certainly good enough to at least die on the right phase (the enemies assault phase) leaving thm open to more Disintegrator fire.

Venoms are another option. I happen to like the 3 HP on Raiders more, but the 12 shots off of a Venom with poinson averages 4 wounds before saves. The disintegrator only averages 1-2 so one can debate the merits back and forth depending on how much cover is typical on your boards.

the safest bet is Venoms though so taking a Court of the Archon heavy with Sslyth to lead th army and then taking Wychs in Venoms with Dual Cannons and a succubus with glaive seems like a really strong way to go if you're set on Wych's.

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New to DE, 1000 points to deal with nids
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