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 First kill squad attempt

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First kill squad attempt Empty
PostSubject: First kill squad attempt   First kill squad attempt I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 20 2016, 21:35

Hello everyone,
Recently some friends approached me with intrest in getting me into their kill squad games threw out the week. Due to work finding time to get full 1000 point games i normally play in has been difficult so the 200 point skirmishes are really appealing. I currently have a coven army, i love the fluff and the models so i would like to try to include some of them even if its not necessarily the best choice. That being said it would probably have to be wracks. What i came up with for a list goes as follows.
5x wrack one upgraded to an achothyst with a hexrifle and one with a liqifier with a raider as a designated trans
3x reaver bikes one with a blaster
Comes to 198 points
I figure i can make the wrack with a liqifier a specialist and probably 2 of the jet bike .

I have never dabbled in kill squad so any advice is appreciated.


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First kill squad attempt
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