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 2000 Point DE/Harli/Corsair

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PostSubject: 2000 Point DE/Harli/Corsair   2000 Point DE/Harli/Corsair I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 08 2016, 07:29

Here is a new 2000 point list I have been running.  I have had some good success so far.  Any thoughts to make better.

Dark Eldar CAD

-Lhamean with Venom w/Splinter Cannon

-x5 Mandrakes

-x3 5 Kebalite Warriors in Raiders w/ Dark lances

Fast Attack
-Razorwing w/ Dark Lances
-x2 Venoms w/ Splinter Cannons

Haemonculs Coven
-Grotesqueries Foramtion
x2 3 Grotesques w/ 1 Aberration w/ Scissorhand and raider w/ Disintegrator
Haemonculus w/ Sindriq's Sump and Scissorhand

Corsairs Fleet Raiding Skyburners
-Prince w/ Ancient and Mask of Secrets, Shimmershield, Void Saber and 1 Psyker level
-Void Dreamer Mastery Level 3 w/ Shimmershield
-Corsair Cloud Dancer Band x3 w/ Scatterlasers
-Corsair Reaver Band x2 Fusion Gun, Jetpacks and Haywire Grenades

-Heroes Path
Stock Death Jester
Shadow Seer Level 2 with mask of secrets and Haywire
Solitare w/ Haywire

I plan to run the prince in one grotes and the haem and void in the other to give shimmershield to both squads.  Depending on the game will infiltrate the heroes path or use the Venoms I have for them.  Let me know your thoughts.
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2000 Point DE/Harli/Corsair Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2000 Point DE/Harli/Corsair   2000 Point DE/Harli/Corsair I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 08 2016, 09:42

That looks like a cool list Smile I've been looking for the cheapest way to get Harlies into a pan-Eldar list (for fluff purposes really) and hadn't considered the Heroes Path formation...

I'm fairly certain though that you can't take 2x Mask of Secrets. I thought that all relics were '1-per-army'. If that is the case, you could take the Armour of Misery on the Prince. It's got a similar leadership debuff, although doesn't give fearless (not really a problem with Coven Grotesques) and you're paying for armour bonuses that are redundant.

Still, I think the Shadowseer with Psychic Shriek would benefit from the -2 Ld debuff of the Mask more.

Check out may pan-Eldar projects Smile Exodites, Corsairs, Craftworld, True Kin, Croneworld (soon) and one Shadowseer!:
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2000 Point DE/Harli/Corsair
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