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 Corsairs KT

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PostSubject: Corsairs KT   Corsairs KT I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 21 2016, 17:44

The idea of an army consisting entirely of jet pack infantry and jetbikes really appeals to me, but before I start 3D printing and magnetizing jetpacks I want to try Corsairs in a few kill team games.

Here's the list:

3 Cloud Dancers w. Shuriken Cannons
4 Reavers w. jetpacks, CCW & Pistols
2 Reavers w. jetpacks, Fusion Guns

I usually aim for high model numbers in KT, but I think the mobility is worth the trade.

I would give one of the Fusion Gun Reavers Eagle Eye, one of the Cloud Dancers Preferred Enemy, and one of the CCW Reavers Killer Instinct. My Leader would be another of the jetbikes, and would get FNP if I rolled a specialist trait.

What do you folks think? I could trade two CCW Reavers for a Felarch with a venom blade, but I think the extra body is worth more especially when my model could is already low.

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Corsairs KT
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