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 Kabal of the Eburnean Hand

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PostSubject: Kabal of the Eburnean Hand   Kabal of the Eburnean Hand I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 21 2016, 15:02

First draft of my Kabal backstory. Hope you enjoy it.

Kabal of the Eburnean Hand


Firepower, Lightning Assaults

Ivory and Black

We are the true masters of the galaxy.
Not the putrid Mon-Keigh. They have spread like an insidious virus, ignorant to the truth of the universe.
These creatures are ignorant to us, we shall be their downfall

- Archon Taz’gueza, Kabal of the Eburnean Hand

The warriors of the Kabal of the Eburnean Hand are renowned for eschewing hand to hand combat unless absolutely necessary. Their arrogance deeming lesser races as unworthy of their blades.
They wear armour of ivory and burnished gold, polished to a gleam. Survivors of their raids claim to see nothing but blurs of shimmering light and their comrades falling.


Fair? Why fight fair against savages? Those animals are barely worth the effort of aiming at.”
- Kabilite Ezgrath, Kabal of the Eburnean Hand, at the Massacre of Outpost 211

This Kabal's ruler, Archon Taz’gueza, was once a member of the bodyguard of the former Archon. She rose to the position of advisor after 250 years of service. Secretly, however, she set up alliances within the Kabal of The Flayed Skull. Through trades both carnal and martial, she arranged for an assassination of the Archon, usurping power after he was slain.

Using these alliances she grew the Kabal’s strength and influence, carving out a small outpost in realspace along with clusters of hideaways in Commorragh. From here The Kabal of The Eburnean Hand launches it's raids on the outposts of the Imperium.

Flickering Dance of War

When the Kabal of the Eburnean Hand launches an attack, it strikes without warning with fluid violence. Designed to cause panic in the enemy, the Kabal will attack flanks with overwhelming firepower, then fleeing before a counterattack can be mounted. Enemy stragglers will be left to escape, their tales spreading more despair in the opposition.

An Eburnean raid will be swift and intended to destroy all. Rarely do they take human slaves, seeing them as inferior to other creatures. They do, however, revel in capturing Orks to sell to the gladiatorial pits in Commoragh.

With this style of war The Eburnean Hand rarely meet the foe in close combat.
However, sometimes the enemy will be dug in. Here their alliances can provide them with mercenaries such as Scourges and Reavers.

Refined Arrogance

The Kabalites of the Eburnean Hand believe that the True Kin should be the highest power in the universe. They look down on even their Eldar cousins. The Kabalites ensure their armour is polished before each raid, adorning it with jewellery and other trinkets.

Each Kabalite will try and avoid the touch of the lesser species. Sneering at the thought of drawing a blade against them unless necessary, not wanting inferior blood on their armour or weapons.
They have, however, been known to gleefully assault enemy Kabals, showing their martial superiority in two on one combat.

Warriors of the Eburnean Hand

You are here to kill me? Why, you were dead before you woke. Never drink from a bottle you never opened yourself.
- Archon Taz’gueza, to an assassin, shortly before the poison killed him

Archon Taz’gueza - Archon Taz’gueza rose from Kabalite Warrior to bodyguard and then to Archon. Her climb to power accentuated with alliances and bribery. With the assassination of the former Archon, her fondness of brutal but elegant attacks has brought growing influence to the Kabal. Enemies being overwhelmed often before drawing arms.

Trueborn - The Shadowlight Purebloods - Led by Dracon Grarath, these Trueborn treat raids like hunts. Gambling with one another for the biggest kill.

Kabalite Warriors - The SIlver Claws - These Kabalites are the newest recruits,  unable to display the gold iconography of the Kabal.

Kabalite Warriors - The Loyal Hand - The Loyal Hand comprise of bands of Warriors that have earned their place in the Kabal.

Haemonculus -Arhtzar- An ancient fleshsmith, Arhtsar takes his pick from the injured and fallen after battle. Either regenerating or corrupting their bodies, he is a powerful figure with the Kabal.

The Court of the Archon

Taz’gueza has learned from her own uprisal and uses a Court of beasts and Lhamaeans, distrusting any that get too close.

Shrine of the Widow’s Kiss

She has on occasion used these Incubi when dealing with potential Allies from other races. For example, when the Kabal set up a temporary alliance with the Chaos Space Marines of the Yellow Plague, Taz’gueza had 5 Incubi bodyguards when meeting Lord Kroupus.

Notable Raids

The St Davis Massacre
The Kabal raided the Imperial outpost of St Davis, killing 2500 civilians in less than 10 minutes. Such was the speed of the attack that the local garrison was unable to help. They found one survivor, shaking and pleading to be shot lest the “golden devils” return for him.

Capture of Sergeant Hildemar
The 10th Company of the Angels of Benediction were on a training exercise when the Kabal attacked. They fired no weapons, aiming to capture just one Space Marine scout.
When they returned him, 6 days later, his face and body were a tapestry of scarring. His body broken by the tanacles and blades of Arhtzar.
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Kabal of the Eburnean Hand
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