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 The redstone rumble

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The Red King
The Red King

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PostSubject: The redstone rumble   The redstone rumble I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 18 2016, 15:43

I need a little help with a fairly large local tournament coming up.

It's 1850, not ITC, forgeworld allowed as long as it is not experimental. My current plan is to go deathstar with msu as follows.

Dark eldar CAD

Archon: armor of misery, huskblade, shadowfield

5 Kabalite warriors in dual cannon venom ×2

3 mandrake ×3

5 scourge w/ 4 hwb ×2

Eldar allied detachment


3 wjb

Eldar formation

Seer council with 5 warlocks, Eldrad and base seer

Corsair raiding fleet (hate bringers)

Corsair prince: collector of ancient treasures (mask of secrets), void sabre, shadow field

Corsair void dreamer: ml3, shadowfield

3 corsair cloud dancer ×2

5 Corsair ghost walker w/ fusion gun and jetpacks

So irylith, the archon, and the two corsairs all go in the seer council for quite a bit of 2+ rerollable invuln saves (again non itc) I've played this star before but usually it's harlequins for hit and run, but I can get that, plus another beatstick IC and an extra Farseer for redundancy by using a seer council. This does however mean I lose access to the death jester and the phantasmancy as well as making my prince a collector of ancient treasures rather than reaper of the outer dark (allowing the star to shoot one thing and then charge another which is a pretty big deal honestly.)

The rest of the list is 3 bike squads, 2 fast skimmers plus occupants, all with obsec

Then 4 infiltrating shrouded campers, one with obsec.

That should allow me to sit back with up to 5-6 units and go out to grab objectives with 5-6 units. Depending on where the Ghostwalkers go.

The alternative list using harlequins drops 1 Kabalite squad and venom, all 3 mandrake squads as well as the scourge. Drops 1 ghost walker squad and 2 corsair bike squads. And irylith. As well as the seer council

Adds a wraithknight, 5 wraithguard in a serpent, 1 eldar jet bike squad, Eldrad, a farseer and a cast of players formation with inriams spectre, a ml 2 shadowseer w mask of secrets, 5 players w/ caress and a master w/caress. This also allows me to take reaper of the outer dark on my prince for the ability to charge different targets after shooting.

The second list hits harder but loses out on quite a bit of the mobility of the first list. I am partial to my harlequins though... hmmm.

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The Red King
The Red King

Posts : 1239
Join date : 2013-07-09

The redstone rumble Empty
PostSubject: Re: The redstone rumble   The redstone rumble I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 20 2016, 16:04

Well never mind. They decided to switch to ITC format, which I'm not fond of in theory and have no experience with in practice. A tournament is no place to learn and entirely new ruleset. Close thread mods?

For Khaela Mensha Khaine!
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The redstone rumble
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